Best Android Strategy No. 12

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Star Traders 4X Empires is the most recent release by the Trese Brothers, set in the same science-fiction universe as their previous games Star Traders and Templar Assault. It is–for the benefit of people who skipped over the title of this entry–a 4X interstellar empire game in the tradition of Master of Orion where you explore space, colonize and develop new worlds, research new technologies, and build fleets of spaceships to do battle with your neighbors. It’s not especially groundbreaking as far as the interstellar empire strategy genre goes, though it’s quite solid and there are some cool gameplay elements based on the presence of different factions within your empire who have different strengths and weaknesses and don’t necessarily like each other. What is groundbreaking is its existence–a well-made full-fledged interstellar 4X game, with depth to rival PC entries to the genre, made as a mobile game. Like Rising Empires, it demonstrates Android’s viability as a platform for original strategy games with depth to rival what’s normally only found on PCs–not to mention being a very good entry to the 4X genre that’s well-worth playing on its own merits.



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