The Players

  • Al JacksonAl Jackson

    Hardcore Droid's founder and editor has been a writer, an aspiring graphic artist, a heavy metal singer, as well as a secondary and trade school teacher. His short stories have appeared in online magazines, anthologies and literary journals.

  • Alex MadellAlex Madell

    Alex Madell graduated from Temple University with a degree in journalism. He loves video games, Philip K Dick and Grant Morrison. He's been playing games since elementary school and reading since before He also writes copious amounts of fiction in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a published author.

  • Aliya Tyus-BarnwellAliya Tyus-Barnwell

    Aliya Tyus-Barnwell's first system was the old gray box known as the NES. Experience taught her that the assessment "hardcore" is not limited to games like Thrill Kill. She is no longer ashamed to admit the cuteness of games like Dungeon Defenders and Machinarium.

  • Anthony Ramirez

    Anthony spends his time fantasizing about crusading for the whales and the wolves while he plays the surf mod on Counter-Strike: Source. He enjoys participating in different mediums such as film and gaming under the condition that the only intent is escapism. Anthony is a noteworthy momma's boy as well.

  • Brandon Carbaugh

    Brandon Carbaugh is an author, editor, and freelance writer based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. You can follow him on twitter @bmcarbaugh, or at

  • Brian PennyBrian Penny

    is not a gamer. At least that’s what he told his parents after secretly dropping out of AZ State to play Smash Bros & Goldeneye. After two years of battling a crippling World of Warcraft addiction, he walked away from a successful career as an analyst in the mortgage industry to blow the whistle on corruption. When he’s not tea bagging fellow gamers, Brian kills time writing for The Huffington Post, Mainstreet, Lifehack, and more. He documents his experiences working with Anonymous, fighting the banks, and practicing meditation and yoga on his blog.

  • Chad ManniciaChad Mannicia

    Chad Mannicia is the lead programmer and designer at Little Killerz. He and his team are responsible for the critically acclaimed mobile RPG, Tales of Illyria.

  • Cruise DeShevyCruise DeShevy

    Writer and mobile technical support agent, Cruise is naturally analytical and to the point. In his spare time he can be found scoping out new technology & gaming on a mobile game console from his collection

  • Impish Noire

    Impish Noire is southern born and raised by New Yorkers. She enjoys sharing her true and honest opinion for the entertainment of others. When she is not at a 9 to 5 she is playing some sort of game or haunting the library.

  • Isaac Davis

    Isaac Davis is a NYC writer, recovering student, and downtrodden former rollercoaster tycoon. Any leads on amusement park design work are greatly appreciated.

  • Jeanne DeVoeJeanne DeVoe

    Feature editor, Jeanne Jackson, is a writer with more than 25 years experience on newspapers, magazines and websites. A graduate of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, she worked for the Asbury Park Press newspaper for 11 years and wrote a column for the Times of Trenton for nearly a decade. She has written for numerous publications including New Jersey Monthly and Working Mother. She has written and edited for both Princeton and Rutgers University and Columbia Teachers College. She is currently teaching journalism at Rutgers University and working as a communications specialist at the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab.

  • Jessica Critcher

    is a writer, newly transplanted to Alameda, California. She contributes regularly to Gender Focus and is busy querying her debut novel, a post-apocalyptic story set in 1953. Follow her on Twitter @JessCritcher or find her on Instagram at JessicaCritcher for adorable pictures of her chihuahua, Ada Lovelace.

  • JubbliesACJubbliesAC

    Jubblies AC has been a gaming and tech geek since 2000. She has been following different mobile games particularly the retro titles. Jubblies AC also attends various tech and gaming conferences here and abroad. Message her at for more geeky updates.

  • Justin Goodman

    Justin Goodman is a reviewer of many shapes, publishing book reviews in Cleaver Magazine and music reviews for InYourSpeakers. Nostalgia brings him to game reviewing now. Or that's his justification, anyway.

  • Matthew ByrdMatthew Byrd

    Matthew Byrd is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn, NY. In the rare moments he's not gaming, or attacking the notorious blank page, you're likely to find him enjoying a slice in the park while re-reading Kurt Vonnegut. Follow him on Twitter (@ByrdMan014), or don't. That's the beauty of choice.

  • Matthew Noojin

    Matthew Noojin is an American writer, musician, and apple pie enthusiast. Follow him at @mattnoojin.

  • Meg StivisonMeg Stivison

    has been a videogamer since discovering text-based adventure games as a little girl. She blogs on games and life at

  • Meirion Jordan

    Meirion Jordan is a Welsh poet, editor and critic. He has published three volumes of poetry and has performed his work in the UK and in Europe. In his time off from gaming he can usually be found in a traditional pub session, playing fiddle with his ceilidh band.

  • Michael Jaoui

    Michael Jaoui is a Brooklyn-based textbook digital editor, game reviewer, and short story writer. You can usually find him sleeping on his roof or scribbling story notes in his bed. He smells like freshly-baked cookies and small-batch bourbon.

  • Nick (Catfish_Maw) Walker

    Nick is bad at video games, which he sees as a plus: The more times he dies, loses, accidentally deletes a save, etc., the more time he has to observe the pixel-by-pixel machinations. He enjoys writing, coding, listening to Jazz, and talking people's ears off about the history of the 3DO or whatever.

  • Sarah Northway

    Sarah Northway is an independent video game developer. She wrote the post apocalyptic strategy series Rebuild, including Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville scheduled for release in 2014. She and her husband Colin travel the world while making games and are about to release the mobile version of their physics puzzle game Incredipede.

  • Shalia WynnShalia Wynn

    Shalia Wynn is a web developer and aspiring game designer from Chicago with an obsession for all things Tomb Raider, Mass Effect and old-school gaming. You can often find her wandering around looking for her next grand adventure, stuffing her face with a delicious assortment of food or pretending to be the next Ronda Rousey in her MMA class. You can follow her on twitter (@Terratunaz) where she hopes to actually start posting again.

  • Sharang BiswasSharang Biswas

    Sharang Biswas finished two engineering degrees before deciding to attend Art School, studying Interaction Design and Creative Technology at NYU-ITP. He fondly remembers Age of Empires II, the source of his interest in Medieval History, and Neverwinter Nights, which spurred his passion for Dungeons and Dragons and tabletop RPG's. He's currently, a writer, game designer and "sort of an artist," though he still questions what an artist actually does.

  • Siobhan Harmer

    Siobhan Harmer is a video game, coffee and travel lover from England. Although she is the human equivalent of a sloth Siobhan sometimes writes things, most of which you can find on her blog There You Are Sibby.

  • Steve DourountoudakisSteve Dourountoudakis

    Steve Dourountoudakis is an aspiring English teacher and Queens College student. He loves playing video games and reading Virginia Woolf. When he’s not doing these things, he wonders where he went wrong.

  • Travis FahsTravis Fahs

    has been a game journalist since 2006, writing for IGN, Gamasutra, and Cheat Code Central. An avid gaming history buff, he enjoys writing about classic gaming most of all.

  • Tyler Horst

    Tyler is a writer, filmmaker, and photographer from Philadelphia. His proudest accomplishment is creating a home-movie version of Star Wars: Episode 7 in elementary school, but his cousin tragically taped over the VHS with an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh!. He still hasn't forgiven his cousin for this. You can follow him on Twitter at @thetigerhorse and offer your heartfelt condolences.

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