Hardcore Cheats Sheets: Android RPGs

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RPG cheaters, Enjoy our collection and, if you have any cool cheats for Android RPG cheats, not listed here, by all means share them in the space below. Any problem drop us a line and let us know. Users must be logged in to leave a reply.

Aeon Avenger (RPG)

Regenerative Items

Always use regenerative items to get an advantage over powerful monsters in battle.




Attain the level listed below to unlock the specified title:

Amateur Hunter: 
AGI+1 INT+1 – Kill at least 50 monsters.

Amateur Specialist: 
CRI+2 EVA+2 – Complete 10 sub quests

Aspiring Warrior: 
Str+3 Agl+3 – Achieve Level 10.

AGI+1 VIT+1 – Obtain at least 100 gold from hunting.

AGI+11 VIT+11 – Obtain at least 5,000 gold from hunting.

HIT+2 EVA+2 – Craft at least 10 times.

AGI+7 INT+7 – Kill at least 500 monsters.

AGI+3 VIT+3 – Obtain at least 200 gold from hunting.

Errand Runner: 
CRI+1 EVA+1 – Complete 5 sub quests.

Expert Blacksmith: 
HIT+3 EVA+3 – Craft at least 20 times.

Expert Killer: 
AGI+9 INT+9 – Kill at least 1,000 monsters.

Expert Specialist: 
CRI+3 EVA+3 – Complete 20 sub quests.

God of Money: 
AGI+15 VIT+15 – Obtain at least 10,000 gold from hunting.

God of Quests: 
CRI+8 EVA+8 – Complete 60 sub quests.

Str+9 Agl+9 – Achieve Level 60.

Str+5 Agl+5 – Achieve Level 20.

Legendary Warrior: 
Str+15 Agl+15 – Achieve Level 99.

Master Specialist: 
CRI+5 EVA+5 – Complete 40 sub quests.

Middle Class: 
AGI+5 VIT+5 – Obtain at least 500 gold from hunting.

AGI+9 VIT+9 – Obtain at least 2,000 gold from hunting.

Newbie Blacksmith: 
HIT+1 EVA+1 – Craft at least 5 times.

Str+1 Agl+1 – Achieve Level 5.

Reputed Warrior: 
Str+7 Agl+7 – Achieve Level 40.

AGI+7 VIT+7 – Obtain at least 1,000 gold from hunting.

AGI+5 INT+5 – Kill at least 200 monsters.

Super Hero: 
Str+11 Agl+11 – Achieve Level 80.

Supreme Specialist: 
CRI+6 EVA+6 – Complete 50 sub quests.

Ultimate Slayer: 
AGI+11 INT+11 – Kill at least 2,000 monsters.

Veteran Hunter: 
AGI+3 INT+3 – Kill at least 100 monsters.

Veteran Specialist: 
CRI+4 EVA+4 – Complete 30 sub quests.


Don’t hesitate to camp camp beside respawn sites, This way you can get the bad guys.


Elemental Knights Online: The World

Attack Button

When in combat, always keep one eye on the ‘Attack’ button for when it flashes. When flashes tap it to automatically unleash ‘Special Attacks’ and spells.

Power Boosts

Dressing your character in Cosplay Items can also give you power boosts.




When you are in combat you can always tap the ‘auto’ symbol at the top of the screen to let the AI take over. This helps you win, it’s that simple.


Parallel Kingdom: Age of Gathering

PC to Android Cheat Codes

Just before the Tutorial ends a monk will appear who will ask if you have a code to enter. Enter the case sensitive code ‘tkrwzp’ (without the quotes) to get 10,000 extra gold, 300 starting flags, and 500 extra food after the Tutorial ends.

Get 1000 Gold and 300 Food

When you are going to finish your “Kept Silent” tutorial. Is going to meet a monk. Click he above and chooses: “get the referral code “. Then you write “accokc”. And you will gain 1000 now and 300 Food.


RPG Alphadia

Legendary Weapons

When you find a Legendary weapon, you must return to Vanessa’s lab and talk to the researcher who first gives you the quest. He replaces each gemstone with the next one you will need after ‘examining’ the weapon you bring back.

1) Leo: Go to Schwatz Pass, at one of the exits you will end up outside of the world map where you then walk a short distance to reach the ancient mine. Inside you will receive Ragnarok.

2) Aries: Go to the first cave that you went to at the beginning of the game.

3) Centaur: Energi mine (before reaching Schwatz Pass) the door can be found deep inside this mine.

4) Capricorn: Sealed Brand Cave, the cave found on the very small island at the Southeast of the world map.

5) Aquarius: Cave near town of Kashinew it’s surrounded by mountains.

Cheat Mode

To unlock cheat mode, which enables you to have a zero percent encounter rate, and twice the EXP, SP and Gold, simply complete the game once. You can activate this mode from the System Menu.


Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories

Fairy Cheats

Lepe, the fairy, joins you on the adventure and when she is leveled up 100% she is able to make an attack that damages and paralyzes most enemies on screen. She does this through acquired skill points far slower than your primary hero. Below are the 3 abilities that Lepe can learn:

Stuns and Damages nearly ALL enemies on screen. 200% Damage first level, +20% increase each level.

Blessing of Fairy(1): 
Increases Gold earned, a 5% increase each level. 50% Max.

Blessing of Fairy(2): 
Increases Experience earned, a 5% increase each level. 50% Max.


Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story

Using Gold in the Zen Shop

This is pretty simple. Simply tap on the Zen shop tab on the menu and use your track pad to scroll right. This will switch you over to a regular shop menu, but the items from the page will remain the same. Scrolling again will force you away from the Zen items, and please note this method only works for the first page of Zen shop items.




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