by Zackery Cuevas


Android Is The Most Popular OS: Hardcore Droid News

But You Already Knew That.

Android gamers can take pride in knowing that the Google OS is here to stay.

The IDC has reported that the Android OS runs on 84.7 percent of the 301 million mobile phones manufactured in the second quarter of 2014. Android market share is also up a third compared to the same quarter back in 2013.

Android’s closest competitor, Apple, now has just 11.7 percent of the market, while Blackberry and Windows Mobile trail even farther behind. You can check out the numbers here.

The reason for Android’s continued success comes from its availability for phones priced at $200 dollars and under. With the coming Android One and further phones priced under the $100 dollar mark, Android can very well capture even more of that market share.

It’s not all bad for Android’s competitors though. Windows Mobile and Blackberry have improved its position in other countries, and Apple is sure to receive a boost when it decides to drop its coveted iPhone 6.

Are you guys happy with your Android phones? Let us know what you’ve got in the comments.

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Zackery Cuevas

Zackery Cuevas is Hardcord Droid's News Editor. He enjoys playing videogames, writing about videogames and complaining about videogames. A console gamer at heart, Zackery has recently embraced the joys of PC and mobile gaming.

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