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James Christy Contributor, James Christy, is a blogger and lifelong gamer living in Philadelphia, PA. His other writings can be found at GadgeTell.com. When not writing about gadgets or Android games he spends his time reading about the Singularity, playing in a rock band, and writing a graphic novel.

Author Archives: James Christy

Overlive Review

by James Christy

The dead horse that is the zombie apocalypse genre gets the boot so often that just mentioning its ubiquity in

Gurk III Review

by James Christy

Originally designed for a primitive Nokia cell phone, Gurk, the 8-bit RPG was a minor hit when it was ported

Castle Clash Review

by James Christy

Castle Clash is great example of everything nauseating about freemium gaming. Sure, it may look like an intriguing mix of

Age of Pirates Review

by James Christy

If games were like family, Age of Pirates would be that geeky cousin you interact with most at boring family

Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn Review

by James Christy

Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn promised it all: multiplayer co-op, hybrid FPS/RPG mechanics, an open-world to explore, and of course, sweet

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