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Saul Berenbaum Saul Berenbaum has been playing videogames since he was two years old. An independent filmmaker and freelance editor, he'll cut a music video in an afternoon and then play through Super Mario Bros. in seven minutes just because he can. He also loves to brag about having beaten Viewtiful Joe 1 & 2 on Ultra V-Rated, like he's doing right now. You can reach him at

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Sonic The Hedgehog Review

by Saul Berenbaum

Sonic The Hedgehog – before the thousands of slapdash sequels and spin-offs, there was, simply, Sonic The Hedgehog. The Sega

Fangz HD Review

by Saul Berenbaum

Vampires… everywhere. Vampires in front and in back of you, above you, beneath you and all around you. Hundreds of

Anthill Review

by Saul Berenbaum

I’m a big fan of Worms. You know, that turn-based strategy series by Team 17? That game has you playing

Combat Mission Touch Review

by Saul Berenbaum

If you’ve never heard of the Combat Mission series, you’re probably not into turn-based World War II Real-Time-Strategy games. For

Into The Dead Review

by Saul Berenbaum

Zombies… zombies everywhere. Growing up at the tail end of the video store era, I remember having to deal with

10000000 Android Game Review

by Saul Berenbaum

 Stop me if you’ve heard this one: You’re trapped in a dungeon, and you need to match like-colored tiles to

What’s the Buzz on Ouya?

by Saul Berenbaum

  New gaming console launches this week. So have you heard about Ouya? It’s an independently developed gaming console for

God of Blades Review

by Saul Berenbaum

Satisfy Your Inner Samurai. Typically, I find, the best brawlers are those that imbue each of their enemies with unique

Metal Slug 2 Review

by Saul Berenbaum

 The Neo Geo Classic Arrives On Droid Some of you out there might still remember those old Neo Geo arcade

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