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Magazine Mogul Review

by Tyler Burt

Probably the most in-depth game ever made about local interest magazines, Magazine Mogul is the latest simulation game from Japanese


by Will McCool

While many video games place you in the role of a singular hero, some cater to those who’d rather be

Epoch 2 Review

by Travis Fahs

Porting over console-style shooter gameplay to the confines of a touch screen has been one of the most vexing problems

Rebirth of Fortune 2

by Will McCool

Rebirth of Fortune 2 begins with a brief snippet of story that is so completely unimportant to the gameplay that

Out There Review

by Will McCool

Very little media depicts the incredible risks of space travel. Even Apollo 13 with its happy ending fails to drive

Legendary Wars Review

by Will McCool

Defense games are becoming more and more popular. They greatly appeal to players like me who enjoy a carefully calculated

The Room Two Review

by Travis Fahs

Scour the Play Store, and you’re bound to find countless “Escape the Room” variants, each barely distinguishable from the next.


by Al Jackson

ISSUU is a great way to collect zines, magazines and pdfs online and read them as easily as you would

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