Most Hardcore RPGs You Never Heard of

by Brian Penny

There has been a plethora of great mobile RPGs coming out over the last year. Unfortunately, for every Ravensword or Final Fantasy IV, there’s an Ark of the Ages waiting to ruin your day. While the ... Read More



Most Hardcore Android Developers

by Brian Penny

Far too often these days, we focus on the spoils of war, forgetting about the brave soldiers who fought so valiantly through impossible odds to make glory possible. As gamers, it’s easy to enjoy a video ... Read More



The Most Hardcore Android Indies Ever Made

by Travis Fahs

When we set out to compile this list, it raised a few questions about just what “independent” means in the Android world. On a console, there’s usually a pretty clear distinction between the latest blockbuster release, ... Read More



The Most Hardcore Android Shooters on Earth

by John Markley

The 3-D shooter has been one of the less-represented genres in mobile gaming thus far, due to their technical demands and the challenge of adapting their gameplay to touchscreen controls. Luckily, however, that is starting to ... Read More

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