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PataNoir Review

by Isaac Davis

Noir film (and the games influenced by it) obviously owes much to pulp detective fiction. But one feature that rarely

Dojo Storm Review

by Nick (Catfish_Maw) Walker

Comedy is a tricky tight-rope to walk for any game. The biggest pitfall is putting humor on a higher pedestal

Invaders Inc. Review

by Matthew Noojin

Digi-Chain Games’ strategy title Invaders Inc. sports a novel spin on the alien invasion game trope by placing players on

Unkilled Review

by Travis Fahs

Madfinger’s Dead Trigger series stands peerless in the world of mobile first-person shooters. In focusing on crowd-control rather than fine

The Deer God Review

by Anthony Ramirez

Crescent Moon and Cinopt Studios recent Android game release, The Deer God is an endearing attempt at instilling a more

Angel Sword Review

by Alex Madell

Angel Sword is an Android RPG made in the vein of Skyrim or Fallout that attempts provide a sandbox for

Black Stone Review

by Matthew Noojin

Black Stone, the debut game from developer Studio JwP, is a valiant first effort. Hardcore fans of RPGs and adventure

Monster Clicker RPG

by Brandon Carbaugh

With their turn-based decision-making and menu-driven gameplay, old school RPGs adapt particularly well to mobile. As a result, the Android

First Fantasy Review

by Shalia Wynn

First Fantasy is a great looking game with smooth animation, explosive visual effects, catchy battle music and sound effects. However,

Lara Croft GO Review

by Isaac Davis

Reducing Square Enix’s greatest hits down to single-player board games is not a formula that should work. It’s not even

A Dark Dragon Review

by Steve Dourountoudakis

A Dark Dragon is one of the most polarizing games I’ve ever played. It’s one that I’ve played excessive amounts


by Matthew Hung

With the introduction of statistical analysis into the realms of sports, I think sports culture as a whole has developed

Card Crawl Review

by Impish Noire

Let me begin by confessing that I’m not a big fan of solitaire as a primary means of entertainment. I

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