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Twitchy Thrones Review

by Isaac Davis

Set in the world of “Lefteros”, Twitchy Thrones is a goofy Game of Thrones parody, depicting conflict between “Storker” and

Tales from the Borderlands Review

by Sharang Biswas

Picture your favorite summer action blockbuster. Something pulpy and mainstream, complete with a loud-mouthed, wise-cracking protagonist, a comedic sidekick, daring

Because Zombies Review

by Aliya Tyus-Barnwell

Back in the fifties, before George R. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, the world had no idea that the

Text Dungeon Review

by Ashley Hurwitz

Text Dungeon is a new venture for the indie developer Nickelbits. A trio of friends who are looking to sink their teeth

Space Expedition Review

by Isaac Davis

A space expedition is not exactly new territory for games. Funny, since “expedition” implies discovery of something unknown, and there’s

80 Days Review

by Tyler Rosen

Games based on novels are hardly a new occurrence. From old text adventures based on The Lord of the Rings

Exiles Review

by Sharang Biswas

That drifts on high o’er vales and hills, When all at once I saw a—ARGH! WTF WAS THAT? A host

KatataK Review

by Claire Donner

In KatataK, a 2D rail shooter from UK developers Pixel Spill, you can either indulge the popular internet obsession with

Pixel Boat Rush Review

by Kendall Gibson

For a racing game with essentially two buttons, “Pixel Boat Rush” demands an unexpected degree of driving finesse; thankfully, it

Bit Dungeon II Review

by Michael Mullooly

8-bit Diablo-Lite on crack is back   Released back in 2012, Bit Dungeon impressed with its old school graphics and

Amazing Ninja Review

by Tyler Rosen

If there’s one genre the mobile market is not lacking in, it’s endless runners. Part of the reason for this

Infinity Dungeon Review

by Jessica Critcher

Infinity Dungeon is an auto-scrolling dungeon crawler from Zabob Studio, and as the name indicates, there is no shortage of

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