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The Pit Review

by Jessica Critcher

With mobile games, the saying, “you get what you pay for,” often rings true. Players who demand interesting stories, stunning

Timing Hero Review

by Nick (Catfish_Maw) Walker

I’ve made it clear before that I don’t care much for free-to-play games, and on an unrelated note I’m a

What the Hell Review

by Brian Penny

Having been a hardcore gamer for nearly three decades and reviewed Android games for the last three years, I’m used

Pocket Mortys Review

by Matthew Hung

When you think of whether or not a game is good or not, usually this entails analyzing the details of

Gods of Rome Review

by Kathryn Haro

Mythology buffs unite to take on powerful warriors in Gods of Rome. In this Android action game, the evil Tenebrous has

Sniper Fury Review

by Anthony Ramirez

Among a slew of new and exciting Android Action games in December came developer Gameloft’s new Action-FPS, Sniper Fury. While

The Executive Review

by Kevin Tejada

Have you ever come across a game with such an amazing premise that you just had to give it a

BoOooo Review

by Jessica Critcher

For introverts, prolonged social interaction can feel like we’re slowly being drained of our energy. There’s nothing more satisfying than

Evel Knievel Review

by Kevin Tejada

Everyone knows about Evel Knievel, the legendary stunt performer who took America by storm during the ’60s and ’70s. This

Rise and Destroy Review

by Quaid

When KingsIsle Entertainment’s Rise & Destroy crossed my desk last week it struck a chord with me, one of pure nostalgia.

Crimsonland Review

by Kevin Tejada

When you see the cover art for Crimsonland, your mind will probably go straight to Doom, given that it’s a

Sanitarium Review

by Alex Madell

Many would not think of playing a game to be an exercise of the mind. Frequently, even gamers associate their

In Between Review

by Alex Moser

How does one react when they learn the end is near? What do we say to illness, misfortune, and the

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