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The Walking Dead Episode One Review

by Matthew Byrd

If you were wondering what those sighs of relief you’ve been hearing lately are all about, it might have something to do with the fact that Telltale Games’ much beloved The Walking Dead: Season One finally made ... Read More



Sorcery! Review:

by David Wall

Choose your own adventure, a genre of gaming seemingly lost to time, is making strides towards resurrection with the help of smart phones and tablets. Choose your own adventure (CYOA) games were novels at their core, ... Read More



Block Legend Review

by Sam Riedel

If there’s one genre of mobile gaming that’s gotten even more tiresome than the endless runner, it’s the “match-three” puzzle game format. It’s not just because Candy Crush is so ubiquitous (and King Entertainment is a ... Read More

Board Game


Pathogen Review

by Amanda Lynn

There’s nothing quite like a classic board game to get the ol’ noggin working. There’s also nothing quite like bringing your foes to bitter ruin with your logic prowess. Pathogen lets you do both, combining the ... Read More

Board Game


Road of Kings Review

by Will McCool

These days your first exposure to Conan likely came from television or the movies. The original tales that introduced the cunning barbarian to the world are hard to find in a printed form. While subsequent versions ... Read More


detective grimoire_00

Detective Grimoire Review

by Melissa M. Parker

Detective Grimoire is a stylish game. In fact, it’s stylish enough to make me wonder if it can stand on that alone. In pop culture, style often dominates over substance. Audiences were dazzled by John Cameron’s ... Read More



Violett Review

by Joe Matar

Violett comes close to defying description, which is what people usually say when they want to talk about an experience that feels so absolutely unique that it demolishes conventions to create something brand new. And that’s ... Read More



Gemini Rue Review

by Travis Fahs

Since their decline from mainstream popularity, adventure games have found themselves settling into a nostalgia niche. Despite this, there’s a sense that the genre’s ability to tell the sorts of character-driven stories that other types of ... Read More


the cave_00

The Cave Review

by Travis Fahs

Double Fine has had their foot in the mobile market for some time now, with smaller-scale releases like Middle Manager of Justice and Dropchord, but the release of The Cave is the first time we’ve seen ... Read More



Syberia Review

by Joe Matar

Originally released in early 2002, Syberia was a point-and-click adventure well-received by gamers and critics alike, probably because the genre had grown so stagnant that “basically competent” was misperceived as “wildly imaginative.” Now, it’s on the ... Read More

Board Game


Small World 2 Review

by Will McCool

Digitized board games aren’t a new phenomenon.  For most board games it’s unnecessary. Simulated Parcheesi isn’t any worse than the real thing but there are no marked improvements about the experience either. There is a class ... Read More



Chainsaw Warrior Review

by Claire Donner

There is something fundamentally odd about Auroch Digital’s decision to bring the 1987 Games Workshop tabletop game Chainsaw Warrior to Android. As we all know, a board game has to use simple cues to create a vivid adventure: ... Read More


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Everlove Review

by Meg Stivison

Silicon Sisters’ new character driven adventure Everlove blends escapism, romance and very accessible gameplay. Everlove opens with the protagonist, Rose, lying down in a therapist’s office to begin past-life regression therapy. I was just starting to ... Read More



Simon the Sorcerer Review

by Joe Matar

Many new independent mobile titles pay homage to the point-and-click adventure genre, so it makes sense that we also get rereleases of the classic titles that inspired today’s indie developers. Simon the Sorcerer is one such ... Read More



The Last Express Review

by Travis Fahs

More and more classic adventure games have been working their way onto Android, to sit alongside the dozens of games already running SCUMMVM, and it’s easy for them to run together, much as they did in ... Read More



Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded Review

by Travis Fahs

It’s been a long way back for Larry Laffer. While other heroes had the good fortune to merely be forgotten, Larry had to see his name dragged through the mud by two terribly-received titles that embraced ... Read More

Board Game


Shelter Review

by James Christy

Shelter is an indie-bred hybrid of the turn-based collectible card game and tower defense genres set in a zombie apocalypse. Whew! Try explaining that concept to your grandmother. The description might sound esoteric when summed up ... Read More



Man of Steel Review

by Brian Penny

Video games and movies have a shaky relationship. Movies based on video games can end up being either the next Resident Evil, spanning a franchise nearly as large as the video games they’re based on, or ... Read More

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