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Spider Webz Review

by Jen Schiller

Spider Webz could have been fun with a few tweaks to the game. It takes the concept of Cut The

Mines of Mars

by Will McCool

Imitation is extremely common in game development, especially in the burgeoning realm of phone and tablet entertainment. It only took

Threes! Review

by Matthew Byrd

Considering the wealth of “me-too!” Candy Crush clones out there, it’s becoming harder and harder to trust puzzle games. Whereas

Block Legend Review

by Sam Riedel

If there’s one genre of mobile gaming that’s gotten even more tiresome than the endless runner, it’s the “match-three” puzzle

Gobliiins Trilogy Review

by Joe Matar

Developed in the nineties by French developer Coktel Vision, the Gobliiins adventure games were already a trio of niche oddities.

Buddy & Me Review

by Sam Riedel

Mainstream endless runners are getting pretty tiresome, for the most part: your Temple Runs and your Sonic Dashes. Underneath their

Faif Review

by Sam Riedel

Math nerds rejoice: That sword-and-sorcery game of probability you always wanted is finally here. Sort of. Your satisfaction with Faif,

Doodle Kingdom Review

by Amanda Lynn

Doodle Kingdom, an addition to the series of Doodle apps created by JoyBits, offers players a medieval twist on the

Radiohammer Review

by Joe Matar

It must be tough to make a truly engaging rhythm game as they’re essentially elaborate versions of Simon. The simplicity

Rube Works Review

by Jason Schneider

Rube Goldberg machines are cool. You string seemingly unrelated objects together to transfer energy and complete a task. And games

Little Inferno Review

by Melissa M. Parker

Little Inferno is a hard game to review, because you don’t play it so much as experience it. The gameplay

Minivolt Review

by Francis Rafael

Minivolt is an unassuming game. Incredibly unassuming, so much so that it almost borders on being deceptive. And that’s a

Ridiculous Fishing Review

by Joe Matar

Fishing has been scientifically proven to be the most boring thing in existence. Luckily, video games have come along to

Ittle Dew Review

by Melissa M. Parker

There are millions of reasons why The Legend of Zelda has been one of the most successful videogame franchises of

Luxuria Superbia Review

by Joe Matar

To get the pretentiousness out of the way up front, one might categorize Luxuria Superbia as an “experience” rather than

Monster Loves You! Review

by Joe Matar

Remember when monsters used to be scary? Before stuff like Monsters, Inc. and Pokémon showed up? Now monsters are just

Pivvot Review

by Joe Matar

Twitch games—those titles that call on the player to react instinctually to fast-paced, hectic situations— have been around a long

Type:Rider Review

by Joe Matar

Have you ever wanted to be better educated on the history of typography? “Hell no,” you say? “Who cares where

Incredipede Review

by Joe Matar

With the popularity of open-world titles, much of modern gaming subscribes to the notion that more is more, losing sight

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