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Syberia II Review

by Matthew Byrd

When you’re out in freezing temperatures, sometimes it’s not really the cold that bothers you so much as the wind. Unquenchable by its very nature, the wind surrounds you and attacks head on from every direction. ... Read More



Dungeon Hunter 5 Review

by Al Jackson

And so it was written, and so it came to pass that he who they call the Interloper, The Prince of Lies and Purveyor of All That is Evil was in his cups and so it was ... Read More



Final Fantasy Record Keeper Review

by Alex Madell

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a love letter to a series with which many people grew up. I myself have a deep affection for the series. At least up until ten. The setting of the game ... Read More



Nyctophobia: Eternal Purgatory Review

by Joseph McGee

In the epic poem The Divine Comedy, Dante had to battle his way through nine circles of hell. Apparently, nine isn’t enough for the team over at ZupperGames. “Their UK outfit recently released its first mobile ... Read More



QuestRun Review

by Alex Madell

Playing QuestRun reminded me of a few times that I’ve played Dungeons and Dragons with a really unimaginative dungeon master. You see, in Dungeons and Dragons, you create your character from scratch and charge into a ... Read More


Joe Dever's Lone Wolf | Best Android RPG

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf Review

by Sharang Biswas

It’s 11:00 PM. I’ll play for 20 minutes and then head to bed, I tell myself. Three hours later, I’ve incinerated dozens of bloodthirsty, goblinoid Giaks in streams of holy fire, called down flocks of ravens ... Read More



Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic Review

by Tyler Rosen

Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic has a lot going for it. Its presentation is goofy, its combat is accessible, yet still engaging; and it makes good use of the random elements associated with the roguelike genre. ... Read More



Gamebook Pocket RPG Review

by Joseph McGee

Slovakian publishers LL Studios wrote the book on RPGs. Literally. Their debut effort, a game/book hybrid titled, Gamebook Pocket RPG, is available in both a digital and printed version. This is an important distinction for gamers ... Read More



Dungeoneers Review

by Jessica Critcher

Dungeoneers is a dungeon crawler RPG by Monsterious Games. After assembling a party of four warriors, the player ventures into deep dank dungeons to plunder their treasure, battling monsters and leveling up along the way. This ... Read More



Demong Hunter

by Ashlee Appoloney

Demong Hunter is a cute Action RPG that initially comes off like a short and sweet mobile title. However, its steep learning curve, coupled with generally lackluster graphics, music and interface create an end product that is really not ... Read More



Alphadia Genesis 2 Review

by Alex Madell

In a time when the illustrious tradition of the JRPG – carried on in the mainstream by big-budget franchises like Final Fantasy – is losing ground to its western counterparts, titles like Alphadia Genesis 2 serves ... Read More



Ananias Review

by Tyler Rosen

One of the great things about mobile games is their “bite-size” nature. No matter where you might be, if you have a few minutes to kill, it’s easy to find a game that offers a short ... Read More

Best Of


The Best Android RPGs of 2015

by Richard Goodacre

We’re nearly a quarter of the way through 2015 and in just those few short months dozens of developers have been burning the midnight oil in order + to bring their latest creations to Android. Whether ... Read More



Swap Heroes 2 Review

by Ashley Hurwitz

In a world where one could literally drown themselves in the amount of RPG titles that are constantly thrust upon the unsuspecting public, Swap Heroes 2 is given to us unwashed masses like a breath of ... Read More



Tap Heroes Review

by Isaac Davis

Playing Tap Heroes, I ended up looking like some kind of “gamer” character in a sitcom: face contorted somewhere between bliss and frustration, body convulsing as fingers frantically mash  the controller. The thing about this character ... Read More

Board Game

Paper Dungeons Feature

Paper Dungeons Review

by Zackery Cuevas

I’m always overly critical about the games I play on my mobile. I’m adamant in my belief that certain genre’s work exceptionally well on a tablet or phone, while others fall flat on their face.  It’s ... Read More


Android Review Blood Brothers 2 ftr

Blood Brother 2 Review

by Richard Goodacre

Much like its younger brethren, last year’s Blood Brothers 1, the best thing you can say about DeNa Corp’s Blood Brother’s 2 is that it sports a decent story and a lot of richly colored and ... Read More



Lord of Aswick Review

by Aliya Tyus-Barnwell

When I first saw the Lords of Aswick thumbnail in the Google Play Store, I was excited by the prospect of an interactive novel designed for Android. I love a good fantasy, and I love the ... Read More



Magic and the Lost Kingdom Review

by Zackery Cuevas

Many years ago, I remember when I was first introduced to “choose your own adventure books.” I remember finding one of these tucked away in the classroom library. It was a simple book, one of those ... Read More

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