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Board Game

Tale Seeker Puzzle RPG Featured Hardcore Droid

Tale Seeker: Puzzle RPG Review

by Brian Penny

Are you a fan of casual freemium garbage like Candy Crush and Bejeweled Blitz but tired of the depth? Thankfully Sway Mobile, Inc. has a solution for you with Tale Seeker: Puzzle RPG. Tale Seeker is ... Read More



9th Dawn II Review

by Al Jackson

With a legendary pedigree from the dawn of PC gaming and enough detail and complexity to keep any mobile RPG fan happy, Valorware’s recently released 9th Dawn II has all of the trappings of one of ... Read More

Best Of


Games of the Year: The Best Android Games of 2015

by Matthew Nugent

All things considered, 2015 was truly a marquee year for Android as a gaming platform. From high-profile releases from some of the industry’s top publishers to boundary-pushing interactive storytelling experiences from up-and-coming indies, the last 12 ... Read More


Bleach Brave Souls Title

Bleach Brave Souls Review

by Brian Penny

Hardcore Droid has a long history with freemium gaming. When I joined Al at Hardcore Droid a few years back, they were tossing the idea back and forth about the idea of a freemium game boycott. ... Read More



Skilltree Saga Review

by Aliya Tyus-Barnwell

With its title, Skilltree Saga sets at least standard hopes with respect to the RPG genre. Images of growing from a weak, level one RPG character that looks like Kanye West at a fashion show, to ... Read More



Fleeing the Complex Review

by Lenny DiBono

When was the last time you really enjoyed failing at something? Fleeing the Complex, PuffballsUnited’s latest installment in the Henry Stickmin series, offers us yet another wild comedic adventure to laugh and fail our way on ... Read More


Android - Action - Love Tangle - 01

Shall We Date: Love Tangle Review

by Alex Madell

When I picked up Shall We Date: Love Tangle, I had sincerely hoped that my experience with Love Tangle would be better than Demons’ Bond. If you read my articles regularly, perhaps you know that I ... Read More

Game Novel


Lifeline: Silent Night Review

by Jessica Critcher

Part sequel, part holiday special, Silent Night recently made its debut as the next chapter in the Lifeline series of text-based Android RPG titles by 3 Minute Games. The story begins with a text message from Taylor, ... Read More



Dungeon Wars Review

by Lenny DiBono

Ever have a recurring dream? And you just keep living it out, over and over and over again, and don’t really know why? That’s kind of how playing Dungeon Wars feels. While Dungeon Wars offers enough ... Read More



The Last Vikings Review

by Kathryn Haro

Things get pretty old school with The Last Vikings, an old-school retro-inspired Android RPG where you play as the world’s remaining Vikings trying to rebuild the great Viking Empire. The Norse god Odin has taken mercy ... Read More


Android RPG

Dark Fear Review

by Nick (Catfish_Maw) Walker

It is no secret that indie devs love them some retro throwbacks. Whether it’s for budget or time reasons, the simplicity of design that such an art style invites, or just good old-fashioned nostalgia, the quality ... Read More



Aralon: Forge and Flame

by Matthew Byrd

Growing up in the land of capitalism has taught me one valuable life lesson: “More is always better, except when it’s not enough.” I mention this because Aralon: Forge and Flame may be the long awaited ... Read More

Free Games


Chromatic Souls Review

by Kathryn Haro

From the game’s beautiful art alone, Chromatic Souls looked like a really fantastic mobile RPG experience. This turn based RPG happily exceeded my lofty expectations. Chromatic Souls is an amazingly high quality and beautiful game that ... Read More



Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Review

by Anthony Ramirez

When Disney and Lucasfilm studios come together to revive Star Wars, a film franchise of such epic proportions that it has embedded itself in our culture and history, one can only expect an equally epic effort ... Read More



Witch Spring Review

by Kathryn Haro

With a lifetime’s worth of RPGs under my belt, I pride myself with how quickly I can pick out a good title from the endless stream of half-baked digital role-playing games that get produced each year.  ... Read More

Free Games

Android RPG

Dungeon Crash Review

by Nick (Catfish_Maw) Walker

The odds were stacked against Firefly Games’ Dungeon Crash right from the start. It being a free game didn’t help, since I try to avoid free games as much as I can. Their in-app purchases make ... Read More



Goosebumps Night of Scares Review

by Matthew Nugent

Like the mummies and zombies that populate R.L. Stein’s once-massive run of quintessentially 90’s novels, the Goosebumps series has once again risen from the dead, shambling into the public consciousness by rearing its ugly head upon ... Read More



Seven Knights Review

by Matthew Hung

I pride myself in being right most of the time but after playing Seven Knights I realized that I done goofed a bit. Seven Knights is part of the increasingly popular card-based RPG genre. My initial ... Read More



Templar Battleforce Review

by Jessica Critcher

I did not expect to like Templar Battleforce as much as I did. For one thing, I lean toward sillier games when left to my own devices, as “serious” titles can often take themselves too seriously. ... Read More

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