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Battleheart: Legacy Review

by Matthew Byrd

In reviewing mobile games, I’ve always tried to be careful with the disclaimer “for a mobile game.” This is because I truly believe that mobile games, when done well, can offer the same kind of experience ... Read More



Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition Review

by Tyler Burt

Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition is the second of the five classic Infinity Engine RPGs to come out for Android, following the release of Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition earlier this year. Icewind Dale was designed to be ... Read More

Best Of


The 15 Best Android RPG Games

by Al Jackson

Whether you’re jamming on an innovative indie RPG while kicking back on a park bench, delving deep into a classic while riding the subway, or rummaging for diamonds amongst the coal while lying in bed, RPG ... Read More

Board Game


Card Dungeon Review

by Sharang Biswas

There’s no doubt that we’re seeing a resurgence in “analogue” games. Following in the footsteps of video games, which in the last two decades have managed to escape the basements of misunderstood tweens and antisocial loners ... Read More



Grimma Review

by Tyler Rosen

One of the reasons the mobile game market can seem appealing to up and coming developers is due to the low barrier of entry. The medium tends to be an avenue for inexperienced developers to learn ... Read More



The Wolf Among Us Review

by Tyler Burt

Telltale Games has become known for a very specific type of modern adventure game. Their games are usually serialized and heavily cutscene-driven, often resembling a TV miniseries just as much as they resemble video games. As ... Read More



Buff Knight Review

by Claire Donner

From Korea’s one-man operation Buff Studios comes Buff Knight, a nostalgia-drenched 2D runner that separates itself from the herd with the prominent inclusion of RPG elements. Unfortunately, the game suffers slightly from a weak narrative structure ... Read More



Deep Dungeons of Doom Review

by Claire Donner

Last year, a pretty, pared-down roguelike RPG called Deep Dungeons of Doom debuted on the Ouya, to a reasonably warm welcome. This fall, thanks to the joint efforts of Brazilian developer team Miniboss and London-based Bossa ... Read More



Hail to the King: Deathbat Review

by Sharang Biswas

A video game based on a rock-band. Huh. Not something I’d ever played before (turns out it’s not as uncommon as you might have thought), but I was a still a little skeptical.  Games based on ... Read More



RPG Dead Dragons Review

by Sam Riedel

Welcome back, my friends, to the RPG assembly line that never ends. Ubiquitous developer KEMCO has released their monthly RPG, this time titled Dead Dragons. Naturally, being a big fan of dragons in general, I had ... Read More



Lethal RPG: War Review

by Sharang Biswas

In my experience, “intellectual” and “emotional” enjoyments constitute two different species of the same genus. Some things, I just enjoy, and I can’t explain why: I often still crave the sweet treats from my childhood, even ... Read More



Hellraid: The Escape Review

by Tim Paul

  Hellraid: The Escape is an impressive title, a combination adventure-puzzle game in which you find yourself in a series of chambers immersed in a plot driven forward by phrases of mysterious notes.. In order to ... Read More

Core Review


Legend Of Ixtona Review

by Tyler Burt

It can be hard to find a mobile game with a real commitment to art design and writing. The nature of the medium means that profits take front and center, and what usually moves units is ... Read More



Phantom Rift Review

by Tim Paul

 Phantom Rift ($2.99)from Foursaken Media is an interesting little creature of a game. It takes a novel approach to RPG battles by abandoning turn based strategy and adding a card management meta-game mechanic. Phantom Rift shows ... Read More



Dragon Quest Review

by Tyler Burt

The new Android version of Dragon Quest doesn’t really stand up to the original NES version that came out in 1986. The original Dragon Quest is generally regarded as one of the most influential games in ... Read More


SoundBard: RPG Soundboard

SoundBard: RPG Soundboard Review

by Sharang Biswas

I should start with a disclaimer: SoundBard: RPG Soundboard, created by music and comedy duo Paul and Storm, is not actually a game (by any definition of the word). It’s a tool meant to be used in conjunction ... Read More



Appointment with F.E.A.R Review

by Sharang Biswas

I love the classic gamebooks from the 80’s. I fondly remember the furious back-and-forth page-turning to see which decision would be the best one, the fingers jammed into various places in the book to mark important ... Read More



Bik—A Space Adventure Review

by Meg Stivison

Four Boy Scouts are on a lovely camping trip, enjoying an adult-free evening reading comic books and eating perfectly toasted campfire marshmallows, when one of the boys is abducted by aliens. Meanwhile, across the galaxy, two ... Read More



Dragon Ball Online Review

by Zackery Cuevas

When I was assigned Dragon Ball Online to review, my initial reaction was that of excitement. I remember the Dragonball Z cartoon fondly and even just recently started watching clips of Dragon Ball on YouTube while ... Read More



Five Nights At Freddy’s Review

by Tyler Burt

Five Nights At Freddy’s, the low-budget survival horror game that’s racked up well over 10,000,000 Let’s Play views on YouTube in the past couple of weeks, lives up to the hype. There are a couple good ... Read More

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