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Board Game

Xenoshyft | Best Android Games | Hardcore Droid

Xenoshyft Review

by Sharang Biswas

Insects are creepy. Multiple limbs, weirdly segmented body, and grotesque mouthparts, are all well and good for doing their part in their respective biospheres, but add one to a fictional race or character and bam: instant, ... Read More



Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 Review

by Matthew Byrd

I’ve always found a certain comfort in the institution known as the yearly horror franchise. Sure it’s easy to let out a groan as the trailer to the 47th Saw movie is released, but when it’s ... Read More


Best Android RPG | DeepSeaGirl | Hardcore Droid

DeepSeaGirl [Horror Adventure] Review

by Jessica Critcher

DeepSeaGirl [Horror Adventure] is Tabomsoft’s second horror RPG and though it’s not a sequel to HideAndSeek, this new title does include the same popular theme of spooky things happening to lost little girls. During a trip ... Read More


Storm Age Feature

Storm Age Review

by Siobhan Harmer

Due to the lack of coverage Storm Age has received since its release early this summer, I expected to grind through a glitchy, IAP-heavy mess that failed to bring any novelty to the already abundant freemium ... Read More



The Mystery of the Mayan Ruins Review

by Isaac Davis

Despite my love of the point-and-click adventure game, its descendant genre, the “escape the room” game, has never really connected with me. There are certainly several design improvements in escape games, like clearly defined objectives and ... Read More



Barcode Knight Review

by Alex Madell

Barcode Knight is a game that doesn’t think to hard about what it is, which is a pretty straightforward RPG/dungeon crawl with a bit of a twist on the formula. The twist isn’t so much having ... Read More



Mazes of Karradash Review

by Tyler Horst

Mazes of Karradash clearly draws inspiration from the early days of the dungeon-crawler genre, hearkening back to the era with a clever loading screen featuring a pixelated image of a floppy disk. In those days, you ... Read More



Fearless Fantasy Review

by Tyler Horst

There’s a security option on most Android phones that allows you to set a swipe pattern you must complete every time you want to unlock your phone. It’s not a fun thing to do. It’s an ... Read More


Tales of Illyria 3 feature

Tales of Illyria 3 Destinies Review

by Aliya Tyus-Barnwell

You can either look back and sigh with longing for bygone days, or cringe and hope to forget.  Tales of Illyria 3: Destinies is like an old familiar friend you should be ready to welcome back into ... Read More


evo creo, android game, evocreo android, best android games

EvoCreo Review

by Michael Jaoui

Welcome to the world of Zenith, a wondrous place where young boys and girls capture wild pets in ball-like cages so they can have them fight using terrifying abilities. Just. Like Pokemon. EvoCreo is not quite ... Read More


Rogue Legend featured

Rogue Legend Tame the Wild Review

by Impish Noire

Rogue Legend Tame the Wild is a survival simulation/RPG that is in the designer’s words, “a mash up of Harvest Moon, Mine Craft, Recettear, and Zelda.” The game opens with a heartwarming scene of family life ... Read More


Android - Adventure - Shall We Date - 02

Shall We Date: Demons’ Bond Review

by Alex Madell

My ultimate goal in taking on Shall We Date: Demons’ Bond was to expand my horizons in gaming, try something new and expose myself to a genre I don’t usually indulge in. The “Dating Simulation” genre ... Read More



Durlindana Review

by Jessica Critcher

Durlindana is a fantasy RPG by Simon Matts. The premise is that you are a lowly but ambitious peasant on a quest for power and notoriety, symbolized by the search for Durlindana, “the most powerful sword ... Read More


Adventures of Priestess | Hardcore Droid: Best Android RPG

Adventures of Priestess Review

by Justin Goodman

The only things that make a good game even better are typos. One of my fondest memories is playing Protect Me Knight with my brother, reading phrases like “rapid fire likes a cat,” the campiness of ... Read More


Android - RPG - Warhammer Quest - 04

Warhammer Quest Review

by Alex Madell

Warhammer Quest is a game that harkens back to the old days of Dungeons and Dragons and similarly-themed dungeon crawl games that is primarily about one thing and one thing only: killing evil creatures and getting ... Read More


sproggi banner freehold

Sproggiwood Review

by Meg Stivison

Sproggiwood is a casual roguelike, where your character, the Cloghead, has to complete missions for his adorably moody boss, Sproggi. For me, a lot of the appeal of a roguelike is in the random possibilities. This ... Read More



Final Fable Review

by Tyler Horst

Remember movies like Transmorphers? Back in the days before online streaming, when people actually rented or bought DVD’s, there was a whole market for lazy movies that were meant to fool you into thinking they were ... Read More


Rush of Heroes

Rush of Heroes Review

by Aliya Tyus-Barnwell

What is an RPG without the ability to change your character in any way from the template? What is a dungeon diver that is filled with identical dungeons? The answer to both of those questions: boring. ... Read More



Heroes Saga-EN-Global Review

by Al Jackson

With a name that at once conjures up images of the universal heroes of myth and office temps categorizing last year’s insurance claims, Heroes Saga-EN-Global can’t help but come off like one of the many disposable cash-grab games released onto ... Read More

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