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Rogue Legend featured

Rogue Legend Tame the Wild Review

by Impish Noire

Rogue Legend Tame the Wild is a survival simulation/RPG that is in the designer’s words, “a mash up of Harvest Moon, Mine Craft, Recettear, and Zelda.” The game opens with a heartwarming scene of family life ... Read More


Android - Adventure - Shall We Date - 02

Shall We Date: Demons’ Bond Review

by Alex Madell

My ultimate goal in taking on Shall We Date: Demons’ Bond was to expand my horizons in gaming, try something new and expose myself to a genre I don’t usually indulge in. The “Dating Simulation” genre ... Read More



Lifeline Review

by Isaac Davis

I would not have expected text-based games to make such a comeback, but here we are. Twine is becoming more and more popular with novice game developers, and the discussion around Depression Quest nearly brought the ... Read More



Durlindana Review

by Jessica Critcher

Durlindana is a fantasy RPG by Simon Matts. The premise is that you are a lowly but ambitious peasant on a quest for power and notoriety, symbolized by the search for Durlindana, “the most powerful sword ... Read More


Adventures of Priestess | Hardcore Droid: Best Android RPG

Adventures of Priestess Review

by Justin Goodman

The only things that make a good game even better are typos. One of my fondest memories is playing Protect Me Knight with my brother, reading phrases like “rapid fire likes a cat,” the campiness of ... Read More


Android - RPG - Warhammer Quest - 04

Warhammer Quest Review

by Alex Madell

Warhammer Quest is a game that harkens back to the old days of Dungeons and Dragons and similarly-themed dungeon crawl games that is primarily about one thing and one thing only: killing evil creatures and getting ... Read More


sproggi banner freehold

Sproggiwood Review

by Meg Stivison

Sproggiwood is a casual roguelike, where your character, the Cloghead, has to complete missions for his adorably moody boss, Sproggi. For me, a lot of the appeal of a roguelike is in the random possibilities. This ... Read More



Final Fable Review

by Tyler Horst

Remember movies like Transmorphers? Back in the days before online streaming, when people actually rented or bought DVD’s, there was a whole market for lazy movies that were meant to fool you into thinking they were ... Read More


Rush of Heroes

Rush of Heroes Review

by Aliya Tyus-Barnwell

What is an RPG without the ability to change your character in any way from the template? What is a dungeon diver that is filled with identical dungeons? The answer to both of those questions: boring. ... Read More



Heroes Saga-EN-Global Review

by Al Jackson

With a name that at once conjures up images of the universal heroes of myth and office temps categorizing last year’s insurance claims, Heroes Saga-EN-Global can’t help but come off like one of the many disposable cash-grab games released onto ... Read More



Never Go Home Review

by Tyler Horst

Dying is considered by most to be an undesirable experience, both in life and in video games. Never Go Home, on the other hand, considers it a major selling point. The fast-paced adventure game, developed by ... Read More



Chaos Rings III Review

by Al Jackson

It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen Square Enix’s mobile division show some real ambition. Where once they delivered ambitious originals like Drakerider and Chaos Rings, now they seem more content to churn out ports ... Read More



Always Sometimes Monsters Review

by Meirion Jordan

Since The Witcher 3 is, by my reckoning, one of the best role-playing games to be produced in years, it’s an extraordinary curse to be an RPG up for review in the same month, perhaps even ... Read More



Sorcery! 3 Review

by Michael Jaoui

Sorcery! 3 continues the trend in mobile gaming of combining videogames and choose-your-own-adventure novels, and while it takes few risks, it is an awfully big adventure. While there have been a good chunk of choose-your-own-adventure games ... Read More



The Last Warlock Review

by Isaac Davis

Turn-based strategy has entered a bit of a renaissance lately. After being almost totally sidelined by action games and real-time strategy, titles like XCOM and The Banner Saga brought some relevance back to the idea of ... Read More


Android - RPG - Dragon Blaze - 01

Dragon Blaze Review

by Alex Madell

Part of the joys of loading up a new RPG is settling in a big, comfy chair, stretching out your work-worn legs and getting transported to another world for immersive story-telling and interesting characters. That is, ... Read More



The Witcher 2 Review

by Matthew Byrd

If we are to agree that no game is perfect in the traditional sense (i.e. without flaw), then the question then becomes: “What is the highest level of achievement a game can reach?” To me the ... Read More



Beast Quest Review

by Jessica Critcher

Beast Quest is a fantasy RPG by Miniclip that promises to be an “epic action-adventure.” An evil wizard has put a spell on all of the creatures in the land. With the help of a good wizard ... Read More


Android-RPG-Dungeon Crawlers HD-00

Dungeon Crawlers HD Review

by Steve Dourountoudakis

I was scared that this would happen. I only recently stepped into the world of mobile gaming, and from the start I was dreading the day I would stumble upon a game with the pay-to-win business ... Read More

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