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Hardcore Droid: The Fall

An Important Announcement


Dear Reader,

And so we find ourselves in autumn or more appropriately fall, or better yet for our purposes the fall. Better because it is the state as well as the season we at Hardcore Droid find ourselves in this late-September. No other season’s name has such depressing connotations I think. Who I wonder decided that  a word used to denote dying while embroiled in conflict, as in, “he fell in battle” would be a good choice for a season’s name. And then there’s the other sense of the word as in to fall from grace, as Satan does in the Bible. From Hardcore Droid’s perspective all of these connotations fit this 2013 season too well as they do, in a few respects, dovetail with the message we need to impart to our readers at this time. The flurry of activity that was part and parcel of Hardcore Droid’s summer months has slowed because we, I am sad to report, have lost a couple of important staff members. And like the season and all its dreary baggage there has been a bit of a fall.

But before I continue there is one other aspect of falling that should be mentioned here. Back when I was the lead singer of a New York-based heavy metal band and found myself in the hospital or the pokey or floating on a capsized rowboat, I used to sometimes have to explain myself to people. In reconciling these choice incidents with my band mates and others I used to say that the thing about falling is you always get up. Well, Hardcore Droid has gotten up. (Cue inspirational music). We are one year old this month and are happy to say that the state of the Union is sound, and we are back to impart what honesty we can to you our readers and kick scurrilous freemium cheapjacks squarely in the cojones.

I bid you come see the Autumn Issue of Hardcore Droid. Game journalist elite, Travis Fahs, has been pounding them out like it’s nobody business, reviewing and expounding upon:

Travis, along with a few game industry professionals have penned pieces for our So You Want to Work in Video Games series. They are as follows:


And still we rise as the rest of the Hardcore Droid crew has been hard at work:                                                    

Holy Flipping Buddha is that lot of gaming goodness!

And one last thing: this week we opened our subscription service, subscribers get our app and magazine: Most Hardcore, a digital zine, comprising a collection of the best of Hardcore Droid’s Best Of lists, updated and expanded for the now. Subscribers also gain entrance to The Magazine, a section of our site where we are publishing a host of exclusive, premium articles for the most hardcore among you.

For the free-minded, however, nearly 90% of our content remains free, and it will stay that way because we undoubtedly owe a service of debt to you. Our numbers have never been better, but in the final analysis, we are stolidly up on our feet because of you, humble reader; whether you are just dropping in or you’re one of those dudes who usually comes back for more, this space, as always, is for you. Enjoy.


Ajax Moroni
Senior Editor
Hardcore Droid



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Al Jackson

Hardcore Droid's founder and editor has been a writer, an aspiring graphic artist, a heavy metal singer, as well as a secondary and trade school teacher. His short stories have appeared in online magazines, anthologies and literary journals.

2 Responses to Hardcore Droid: The Fall

  1. funtikar says:

    I’m really interested in writing game reviews.I really like the idea of hardcore games since Java ME. I’ve never really written anything except a Java ME game review I did a while back which honestly doesn’t really cut it as a good review.

    By the way, the link for the The Last Express is broken

  2. Al Jackson Al Jackson says:

    Hey Funtikar,

    If you are interested in writing reviews, check out this article:


    Travis Fahs, Hardcore Droid contributor and former IGN and Cheat Code Central contributor outlines what the life of a games journalist is like.

    In his follow up article he discusses his philosophy on how to write a review:


    Thanks for reading!

    Al Jackson

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