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March 1st—12th


3/12/14—Heroes of Steel: Episode 2 Announced

The Trese brothers announced today the release of episode 2 of their epic RPG, Heroes of Steel. The original earned a stunning 4.0 when our own Will McCool reviewed it late last year. The title is a must for RPG lovers. You can check out our review here  >>> or download the game off the Play Store here  >>>

If you’ve played the episode one of this excellent and stored RPG, you’ll definitely want to check out the press release for two:

The turn-based tactics RPG, Heroes of Steel has just added the massive expansion pack of Episode 2: the Gathering Shadow. Now, your heroic group travels into the eastern Underdeep to face new challenges and to hunt down old enemies. The expansion doubles the size of the already sprawling world of Steel. Episode 2 sends your group into lava caverns and into the highlands of the east where you face Ice and Stone Trolls, crazed Cultists worshiping a spider god and legions of Orcin led by devious shamans.

For  a more detailed rundown of the upcoming release of Episode 2 of Heroes of Steel go here  >>> 


3/11/14—Wordsmith Sadists Rejoice! Kumkwat Entertainment Announces Big Hangman of Fortune 2.0 Featuring Multiplayer

Kumkwat Entertainment announced today the release of BHOF 2.0. Kumkwat’s latest iteration represents the game’s biggest update to date, including a wealth of robust new features. Primary among them is a new multiplayer mode that will allow players to bang out sessions of Kumkwat’s special take on the proverbial classic with a buddy or three.

Wordsmith sadists looking to download and play the latest version of Big Hangman of Fortune need only go here  >>>

Version 3.0 of BHOF includes all of the following:

-Brand new categories and clues to help you solve the thousands of mystery words.
-The fabulous Prizebot! Earn tokens and feed them to him to win awesome prizes.
-Fortune Keys! Use them to unlock amazing themes and powerups.

-New and improved menu design
-Improved versus multiplayer
-Optional push notifications to let you know when tournament results are in and when it’s your turn.

Plus, New categories, Prizebot and more!

atlas-controller3/11/14—Google Acquires Green Throttle

As a smartphone game controller company, Green Throttle showed great promise. Its controller hooked up wirelessly to Android phones and tablets—allowing up to four controllers to be connected to one device. The idea was that once the device was hooked up to your television, Android games would be available to you and your friends on the big screen. Though Green Throttle folded last year, Google’s recent acquisition of the company could mean big things for Android gaming. Whether or not this will mean a release of an Android set-top box for TVs is only speculation at this point, but at Hardcore Droid we’ve got our fingers crossed. You can read more about it here >>>.

ninja-legacy-android3/10/14—Ninja Legacy Gets Recompiled and Relaunched

The good folks over Halfgeek Studios have just recompiled and rereleased their superb action title, Ninja Legacy. Using Intel’s Crosswalk compiler, they’ve essentially optimized Legacy making the tile leaner, faster and compatible with a much wider range of devices. Devs and uber-techies interested in the nuts and bolts of the process, Halfgeek, true to their name, has laid out the skinny on it here  >>>

Players interested in checking out this fun and fast-paced title can download it off the Play Store here  >>>

mount-and-blade-android3/10/14Mount & Blade Arrives for Android

The acclaimed Medieval Action RPG Mount & Blade is now available for Android on the NVIDIA SHIELD and other Tegra 4 devices. This is a big deal because it’s a full port of the original PC version, with nothing scaled-back or dumbed down (in the past, Hardcore Droid has been disappointed by other ports—see House of the Dead here >>>, as an example). Mount & Blade is a huge open-world game with six rival factions, exciting momentum-based combat, and even its own working economic model. There’s also several multiplayer modes that allows you to hack and slash up to 63 other players. You can buy it here >>>, 30% off for a limited time only.

marvel run jump smash_thumb3/7/14Google Sued Over $66 worth of In-App Purchases

On March 7th, the law firm Berger and Montague sued Google on behalf of Ilana Imber-Gluck, whose children racked up 66 dollars of In-App purchases over the course of 30 minutes playing Android game Marvel Run Jump Smash! (you can read Hardcore Droid’s less-than-glowing review of that game here >>>). Now 66 dollars may not seem like an awful lot, given that Google is a multi-billion dollar company. However, the important issue at stake is that of password protection. Currently, users are only forced to re-enter their passwords every 30 minutes, and they can make as many In-App purchases as they like in the meantime. If Google required password confirmation for every In-App purchase it would not only prevent young children from running up their parents’ credit card bills (Imber-Gluck’s children are only four and five years old), it would also make adults think twice before hitting the Buy button while playing highly-addictive freemium games. You can read more about the case (and the lawsuit in full) here >>>.

Humble Bundle3/6/14Humble Mobile Bundle 4 Released

The latest Humble Mobile Bundle includes the Android port of classic tabletop game Catan, Parkour-inspired endless runner Vector (you can read the 4.5 out of 5 star review from Hardcore Droid here >>>), racing game Riptide GP2 (you can also read HD’s whopping 4.9 out of 5 star review here >>>), and first-person shooter Zombie Gunship—at whatever price you’re willing to pay. Pay more than the average (currently $3.77) and you’ll also get BADLAND Premium, Breach & Clear, OLO, Color Sheep, and Gunslugs. As always, a portion of the profits goes to charity, so you can feel good while you play. The sale ends March 18th, so buy the package here >>> at the Humble Bundle website before time runs out.

most-hardcore-in-text3/1/14Hardcore Droid releases Issue #2 of Most Hard core

Issue number 2 of Most Hardcore went live today. Featured in this issue are reviews of Square Enix’s Deus Ex: The Fall, an exclusive review of Little Killerz’ Tales off Illyria: Beyond the Iron Wall and Hellhound Interactive’s Rising Empires. Issue 2 also boasts epic lists of the best phones, tablets and phablets ever made and is topped off with a strategy guide of Hellhound’s epic, the aforementioned 4X strategy title, Rising Empires.

To read more about it, and get a discount code with which you can get a year’s subscription to HD’s Most Hardcore for the price of a single magazine, go here  >>>

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