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Published on October 13th, 2016 | by Kevin Tejada


Ice Age: Arctic Blast Review

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unnamedYou know, I liked the first few Ice Age movies, but I’m baffled as to why a fifth movie in that series just came out. So, I just checked the box office earnings for the franchise and realized that my opinion is irrelevant because those movie executives are laughing their way to the bank. Anyway, as with pretty much all movies aimed at kids, there’s a colorful tie-in game that tries to get into their parents’ wallets. However, is this Ice Age game a simple cashgrab? Or is there more to it that justifies its existence? Ignoring the pun, you’ll be happy to know that this game legitimately is a blast.


The developers behind FarmVille bring us Ice Age: Arctic Blast, and they aim to bring their brand of simple and addictive gameplay to the Ice Age franchise in the form of an Android puzzle game. Arctic Blast is yet another match-3, but it’s honestly the best one I’ve played so far. Not only is everything shiny (appropriately so, given the ice theme), but the crazy power-ups, and onscreen characters make the experience feel frenetic and upbeat. I appreciated the game creating a bright and happy atmosphere to play a few rounds in. It really made me enjoy the game more than I would have otherwise. That being said, there’s a point where the charm becomes too much.

If you don’t live and breathe Ice Age, prepare to be very annoyed every time you boot up the game. Upon startup, you’re greeted to an excruciating rendition of “Home on the Range” sung by soundalikes of the main cast. This probably reads as nitpicky, but it’s a madness that you cannot escape. It doesn’t end there, either. Whether the voice actors are good soundalikes or not is up to you, but I really hope you’re a fan because you’ll be hearing them a lot. During the menus, on the map screen, when you use power-ups, and any time anything happens, you are going to hear the voice cast making random noises or comments. For your own sake, I hope you adore Sid the Sloth.


If you mute Arctic Blast, it’s actually great! It has the most power-ups I’ve seen so far in a match-3 game, and that helps differentiate it from others in the genre. Not only does it have the standard row/column-clearing power-ups, but some let you trace out a trail of similarly-colored gems and even add score multipliers to several of the surrounding ones. The potential to chain these together and rack up massive scores is there if you play a bit strategically. Sometimes, you also have to clear snowballs or other objects to remove an obstacle from the board. You can find pretty much every mechanic that’s ever been in a match-3 game here. Some may call that “ripping off other games, but I call it “consolidating good mechanics.”

All in all, Ice Age: Arctic Blast is essentially the only match-3 game you need. It’s rich with fun mechanics, it’s certainly flashy enough, and you can complete each match within a minute or two. What more could you want out of a game like this? Well, an option to turn off the voices. Luckily for all of us, there is! Still, a game shouldn’t make you want to mute it, so that’s definitely a negative in this case. Besides that relatively minor issue, definitely pick up Arctic Blast. It’ll give you a break from Bejeweled.

Ice Age: Arctic Blast Review Kevin Tejada

Is it hardcore?

Summary: A feature-rich match-3 game that’s bogged down by annoying voices.



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