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  1. ArchieS says:

    “…because Star Trek Timelines is certainly more about gains for its makers than good gaming for its players. Only Star Trek fans should pick up this game, and then only if they can remain emotionless as a Vulcan and not spend an illogical dime on its many freemium shenanigans.”

    You are so right! There are a lot of bad things about this game, but the worse is when you buy crew and then have to dismiss the crew because you have no room. DB’s solution, spend 1,000$ + for the max crew slots, and then still have the problem.

    You must be emotionless for sure, it is hard to dismiss a Lt Thomas Riker, or Ensign Kim – and this company will milk you for every penny you dare put into it, and at the end of the day give you nothing to show in return, not even good gaming, because you have to spend 22 chronitons for 1 chance at an item that may or may not drop every 20 times you run the mission. And you only get 1 chroniton every 6 minutes.

    Pass on this game unless you can truly play casual and free to play – wait for them to either fix or go under, save your money for more important things!

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