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Published on March 15th, 2013 | by Sam Riedel


Mighty Dungeons Review

Mighty Dungeons Review Sam Riedel


Summary: A classic board game with the serial numbers filed off--along with everything that made it fun. these dungeons try hard, but are far from mighty.



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is a freelance writer living in New York City, where he lives with his girlfriend and several guitars. He has been sequestering himself in his room to play video games since he was 8 years old, some more hardcore than others. He enjoys RPGs, strategy games, and every single thing related to Pokemon. Following Sam on Twitter (@SamusMcQueen) has been known to cause heart murmurs in Southern belles and small children.

2 Responses to Mighty Dungeons Review

  1. laylio says:

    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for the review (good or not it helps me improve the game). Not really excited to start selling but after 6 months of development (I do this after my dayjob evenings and weekend 😉 it was time to push it to the public and see what they think.

    So far reviews are good, and we get a lot of feedback and features requests which I’m trying to put in future updates – another update planned for sunday which will fix the price of items vs gold drop as well as a quicksave / restore feature.

    As for the levelling it’s the most requested feature from the players, and I will have a serious look at it after I am done with the iOS version.

    In terms of strategy you must go past the first few quests to understand that you shouldn’t be opening all doors or all chests as well as be selective in your choice of weapons and armors.

    Full Turn based fights: also requested often, I’ll look at this asap next week.

    Also the main idea behind the game is the extensibility. It’s been built to accommodate more boards, more monsters, heroes, etc. There is an open call to players in the Google Play description (and within the game campaign selection itself) to submit their own quests and content.

    I’m always available via direct email to help go through certain quests or other questions.

    Hope you’ll give the game another shot after sunday’s update.

    Cheers and thanks for the article nonetheless 🙂

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