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by Al Jackson


A Free Sample of Our Magazine

And a Special Offer from Our Editor-in-Chief

web-pageThe Magazine, the premium section of Hardcore Droid’s website went live two weeks back. You can check it out here  >>>

The Magazine is updated several time a week with reviews, previews and interviews, you’ll also have access to all of Hardcore Droid’s archives as well as access to our special ongoing series So You Want to Work in Video Games? which features articles by game developers, designers and video game journalists, discussing how they made it in the games industry and how you can to. The series also features a number of articles teaching you how to write game reviews. If you ever toyed with the idea of joining the gaming industry or of becoming a video game journalist, then this is a series you don’t want to miss.

Along with a subscription to Hardcore Droid, you not only get the access to The Magazine above, you also get a subscription to our digital mag, Most Hardcore, a sample of which you can read below.

* Read the note on the last page of the sample for a special offer from our Editor-in-Chief, Al Jackson.

Remember Most Hardcore is available as an ISSUU magazine, an Android app (a new one will be posted along with each new issue of Most Hardcore), an iOs app (any day now), as well as an interactive PDF.

Again, you also get our digital magazine, Most Hardcore (sample above) and access to The Magazine, the premium section of our site. There you will find a ton (an actual metric ton ) of exclusive reviews, articles and best-of lists updated several times a week and available only to subscribers. If you are at interested, you can check it here  >>>

And we guarantee it (we will return your money , if after 30 days you find you are unhappy with your subscription). If you’d like to check out a subscription, check out the special offer on the last page of the sample above. If you just want to read the whole enchilada, we won’t try to stop you. Just click below >>>

* Read the note on the last page of the sample for a special offer from our Editor-in-Chief, Al Jackson.


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About the Author

Al Jackson

Hardcore Droid's founder and editor has been a writer, an aspiring graphic artist, a heavy metal singer, as well as a secondary and trade school teacher. His short stories have appeared in online magazines, anthologies and literary journals.

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