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The Cave Review

by Travis Fahs

Double Fine has had their foot in the mobile market for some time now, with smaller-scale releases like Middle Manager

Rymdkapsel Review

by Sam Riedel

Science fiction fans rejoice: that conceptual mashup of Deep Space Nine and Flatland you never knew you wanted is here.

Fangz HD Review

by Saul Berenbaum

Vampires… everywhere. Vampires in front and in back of you, above you, beneath you and all around you. Hundreds of

Ice Rage Review

by Brian Penny

In 1993, Midway took the gaming world by storm with the release of NBA Jam, a two-on-two basketball game that

Hardcore Droid’s

by Travis Fahs

Android is still young, but in a short time we’ve seen its library grow from a handful of low-rent games

Scribblenauts Remix Review

by Travis Fahs

Scribblenauts is a game practically built for phones, and its absence on Android has left a conspicuous void in its

PUK Review

by Joe Matar

PUK takes some gambles. Its premise and presentation are so incredibly minimalistic that, done wrong, they could make for a

Mighty Dungeons Review

by Sam Riedel

Having played more than my share of Dungeons and Dragons, I was pretty excited to play Mighty Dungeons, the new

Alien Breed Review

by Travis Fahs

A classic reborn, warts and all. Alien Breed was perfect for its moment in time. Released in 1991, it combined

The Great Fusion Review

by Joe Matar

A pleasantly profane adventure for genre veterans. The Great Fusion will feel instantly familiar to seasoned players of the point-and-click

Lode Runner Classic Review

by Travis Fahs

Lode Runner Classic. Some things never change. Lode Runner is a game that needs no introduction. Since appearing on the

Ikaruga Review

by Travis Fahs

 Escape from bullet hell, to Treasure’s polar purgatory. Ikaruga is something of a hardcore gaming legend. When it was released

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