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A Free Sample of Our Magazine

September 26th, 2013 | by Al Jackson

The Magazine, the premium section of Hardcore Droid’s website went live two weeks back. You can check it out here

Cellar Door Purgatory Review

November 14th, 2012 | by Joe Matar

At least this purgatory only lasts a couple of minutes Cellar Door Purgatory from Progressive Games (a company name that

Wild Blood Review

October 28th, 2012 | by Travis Fahs

Gameloft proves they have heart, but they’re still missing the soul Wild Blood is an important release for Gameloft. Despite

Death Dome Review

October 15th, 2012 | by Travis Fahs

  Is the cost of free really worth it?  Infinity Blade and its sequels are among the most envied iPhone

State of Play: Ouya!

October 11th, 2012 | by Eric Miller

  So you want to know what OUYA is? Well strap in, because for the Android gamer, this will change

N.O.V.A. 3 Gallery

September 23rd, 2012 | by Al Jackson

N.O.V.A. 3 is arguably the most beautiful game on the Android – if your device is supported. Like other recent

Cthulhu Saves the World Review

September 20th, 2012 | by Joe Matar

Several gazillion random encounters at a time Cthulhu Saves the World is a turn-based RPG clearly in love with the

Earth and Legend Review

April 30th, 2012 | by Al Jackson

Beauty and Apathy Abound in DVide Arts’ Open World RPG Like a hot date who belches in your mouth whilst

Asphalt 7: Heat Review

April 2nd, 2012 | by Travis Fahs

Since its premier back in 2004, Asphalt has been a staple of mobile gaming. Gameloft’s first original hit and longest-running

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