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Evolve: Hunters Quest Review

by Isaac Davis

“Companion apps” for big triple-A PC and console games are becoming increasingly common. Destiny offloaded most of its story content

Pixel Boat Rush Review

by Kendall Gibson

For a racing game with essentially two buttons, “Pixel Boat Rush” demands an unexpected degree of driving finesse; thankfully, it

They Need To Be Fed 3 Review

by Melissa M. Parker

Sequels can be an extremely tricky enterprise. Take it from someone who (accidentally on purpose) watched Indiana Jones and the


by Al Jackson

ISSUU is a great way to collect zines, magazines and pdfs online and read them as easily as you would

Royal Envoy Review

by Brian Penny

WarCraft III is a legend in the video game industry. The real time strategy and time management concepts of the

AWESOME Land Review

by Ajay Kumar

Retro Punk Biker Super Mario by Ajay Kumar AWESOME Land (Yes, it’s all in capitals), is a 16-bit retro throwback

RetroArch Android Review

by Travis Fahs

The ultimate emulator comes to Android. Emulation has always been one of the bragging points for ‘droid gamers. The system’s

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