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NightSky Review

by Joe Matar

At first glance, nothing about NightSky looks particularly inventive. It’s an indie physics puzzle-platformer with a minimal color palette that

The Room Review

by Travis Fahs

 As usual, I feel late to the party waiting on Android ports. Last week, the Game Developer’s Choice Awards named

Astro Shark Review

by Joe Matar

On the surface, Astro Shark seems like a casual title. It has very simple gameplay and controls and the audio

Super Hexagon Review

by Joe Matar

Geometric crack. Full disclosure: though I always do my best to finish a title completely before reviewing it, I’ve only

Osmos HD Droid Game Review

by Joe Matar

Being a particle is fun for a little while. Osmos is a beautiful, ambient physics puzzler about a single-celled organism

Contre Jour Review

by Joe Matar

A solid physics-based puzzler wearing fancy pants. If you ask me, the notion of games as art is a foregone

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