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Swipe Quest Review

by Sharang Biswas

  The heart of any good puzzle game are the mechanics. Everything else is secondary. With Swipe Quest, a 2048-esque, grid-based

Soul Historica Review

by Sam Riedel

The JRPG factory known to us as Kemco just keeps on trucking. Every month, they’ve got a new mediocre-to-good game

Hardcore Droid’s

by Travis Fahs

Android is still young, but in a short time we’ve seen its library grow from a handful of low-rent games

Spirited Soul Review

by Meg Stivison

Everything one can say about Snailteeth’s new tower defence/RPG Spirited Soul  is colored by the game’s poor localization. The translated

Epoch Review

by James Christy

It seems no small task to make a quality 3D shooter for Android, as evidenced by just how few there

10000000 Review

by Saul Berenbaum

 Stop me if you’ve heard this one: You’re trapped in a dungeon, and you need to match like-colored tiles to

Ark of the Ages Review

by Ben Jones

It’s the same old song and dance: you’re a nameless hero sent out to face dungeons and monsters, in the

Chaos Rings II Review

by Travis Fahs

There’s a common sentiment that Japanese RPGs are stuck in the past, but nowhere is this truer than on the

QuestLord Review

by Meg Stivison

 8-bit Elegance. QuestLord, from Eric Kinkead, is an accessible – but not necessarily lite – retro role-playing adventure.  The game

Covenant of Solitude Review

by John Markley

 Unspectacularly Entertaining Japanese RPG releases have been disappointingly sparse on the current generation of consoles, but the genre has found

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