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GunCat Review

by Aliya Tyus-Barnwell

The internet has entire data servers devoted to birds, and entire server farms devoted to cats. Why not add an

King of Chicago Review

by Claire Donner

The year is 1931, and Al Capone has been dethroned by the IRS. As the scarfaced capo rots in prison,

R-Type II Review

by Tyler Burt

R-Type II is a notoriously difficult side-scrolling shooter that was first released in 1989 on an arcade machine.  A good

Rayman Fiesta Run Review

by Travis Fahs

Whenever console games come to mobile devices, there’s always that sense of dread to see what won’t carry over. Rayman

Time Surfer Review

by Melissa M. Parker

Time manipulation in videogames is nothing new. From Chrono Trigger to Majora’s Mask to Braid, developers have been obsessed with

MetalWars 3 Review

by Donald Borenstein

MetalWars 3 came into my life at a time where I was more likely than ever to cut it a

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Review

by Melissa M. Parker

In 2010, Robot Unicorn Attack was everywhere. Erasure’s signature synthpop ballad blasted out of PC speakers and drifted into the

Pacific Rim Review

by Al Jackson

On paper, Pacific Rim was a nerd’s dream; a $200 million homage to giant robot anime and classic monster movies

Pocket Rally Review

by Travis Fahs

Racing games are some of the best-represented “core” games in the mobile space. Peruse the Play Store, and you’ll find

Combo Crew Review

by Travis Fahs

Modern beat ‘em ups like God of War are represented plenty well in the mobile market, but old-school arcade brawlers are a rare sight indeed

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