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The Best Android RPGs

by Sam Riedel

Every game is an adventure, whether you’re spin-kicking the mullets off of street fighters or laying waste to a blasted

Hell, The Dungeon Again! Review

by Melissa M. Parker

Listen, Hell, The Dungeon, we need to talk. The thing is, I’m having second thoughts about our relationship. I can

Gurk III Review

by James Christy

Originally designed for a primitive Nokia cell phone, Gurk, the 8-bit RPG was a minor hit when it was ported

Age of Pirates Review

by James Christy

If games were like family, Age of Pirates would be that geeky cousin you interact with most at boring family

Chrono Trigger Review

by Joe Matar

NOTE: As of this writing there have been reports of many compatibility issues with tablets and newer phone models. The

Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn Review

by James Christy

Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn promised it all: multiplayer co-op, hybrid FPS/RPG mechanics, an open-world to explore, and of course, sweet

Lesabel Review

by Travis Fahs

It seems like at least once a month, I review a game attempting to be Diablo on the go, and

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