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Heroes of Steel Elite

by Will McCool

A few months ago I had the privilege of reviewing a lovely old-school style RPG called Heroes of Steel. While

Clash Of Lords 2 Review

by Tyler Burt

For every shark that thrives in the mobile free-to-play market, there are remoras that ride its fins and eat the

Pacific Fleet Review

by John Markley

Pacific Fleet is a strategy game of Second World War naval combat. It’s less than it first appears to be

Block Legend Review

by Sam Riedel

If there’s one genre of mobile gaming that’s gotten even more tiresome than the endless runner, it’s the “match-three” puzzle

Dungeon Crawlers Review

by Will McCool

If you’ve never seen it, do yourself a favor and watch the movie Ghostbusters. Not only is it a comedy

R-Type II Review

by Tyler Burt

R-Type II is a notoriously difficult side-scrolling shooter that was first released in 1989 on an arcade machine.  A good

Bad Hotel Review

by Melissa M. Parker

Of all the things I hate about Bad Hotel, at the very top of that list is sound design. Forgive

Pirate Dawn Review

by Will McCool

Pirates are big these days. There’s no metric to determine just how much of their current popularity is directly attributable

Amoebattle Review

by Amanda Lynn

In Grab’s colorful world of Amoebattle, your primary mission is to fulfill the role of a budding microbiologist by gathering

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