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Published on December 1st, 2015 | by Cruise DeShevy


The Best Android Games of the Month

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Mobile game publishers really don’t seem to follow the same kind of release patterns as they do in other wings of the industry, which is why Android sees great games being released at just about any time of the year. This month has been no different and brought among the throng of new Android releases, a nice cache of superb titles. As usual we have picked the five most hardcore of the bunch so you don’t have to sort through the mess yourself.

devious-dungeons2-best-android-rpg5. Devious Dungeon 2

Platforming is not usually seen as a hardcore genre, but Devious Dungeons 2 is definitely not your average platformer. Little story accompanies the game; instead it throws you right into the action. Fast paced and sometimes intensely challenging, you will travel to several locations on a hunt for treasure in a colorful 16 bit two dimensional pixelated world. Three different characters are available at your disposal, each with different stats, abilities, and equipment.

During the game you will face a cast of clever enemies that are unique and provide their own challenge to beat due to their respective attacks and movements. The great variety of enemies presented means that it will necessarily take the player a good measure of time and skill to learn how to deal with each one efficiently. Each enemy and object explodes when destroyed in a satisfying way, sending coins and 8 bit guts everywhere. Coins can be spent in town for weapons and armor. The weapons not only change your stats, they also change the way you fight due to their varying speeds, attack range and power. These choices allow the grind to remain fresh and allow you to experiment to find a fighting style that best suits you.

The game’s main mission, a big old castle is separated into different sections, each of which is split into 5 levels. If you perish before beating a level you’re forced to start over from the beginning of said level, however, the game keeps track of each level and section that you beat. While it provides a bona fide challenge that may prove frustrating to some gamers, Devious Dungeons 2 is a charming 2D game that brings RPG-style leveling to platform gaming.

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minecraft0story-mode-best-android-games4. Minecraft Story Mode

Telltale games has been hard at work in the past few years reintroducing the glory of the point and click adventure game to the masses. Their releases have hit upon different subgenres with great results. In general the stories told have been captivating, enthralling and leaving you on the edge of your seat until the next chapter is released.

Minecraft Story Mode is set within the world of Minecraft with a colorful cast of friends embroiled in an adventure to save their world from destruction. What starts off as a cheery adventure turns into a perilous journey for the group as they are faced with multiple terrifying voxelized situations. Per usual, the story is the main part of the game and it delivers a unique gameworld with its own unique lore, legends and culture.

The main character is chosen at the beginning by selecting either a male or female adventurer. Though this is a minor change in the story, either choice is a good one as both characters are well voiced throughout the game. Like all of the other releases by Telltale Games this adventure is well thought out and polished while offering many different choices some of which, ultimately determine the outcome at the end.

Recommended to any Minecraft player or anyone who is looking for a fun game with a nice story to edge them through.

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templar-battleforce-best-android-games3. Metro 2033 Wars

Taking place in a post-apocalyptic world, Metro 2033 Wars takes place underground in the defunct Moscow subway system, where the surviving citizens fight for survival and resources.

A healthy portion of gameplay is spent managing resources, taking over locations and defending your territories.

The strategic sections are displayed on a Metroline subway map with various information written on it to display your location, territories, and enemy threats. This map system adds a intriguing overworld that carries a unique sense of realism.

Engaging with the enemy is done through turn-based tactical combat where every turn matters and a wrong turn can spell disaster.

A high learning curve is required to get good and the challenge drives you to play more and perform better on each play through. The only real drawback is the freemium component, which here involves endlessly watching video so that you can earn enough resources to buy the right building or raise your income or get that sweet unit onto your team. Usually we wouldn’t consider placing a game with poorly implemented freemium marketing on this list, and it’s a testament to Metro 2033 War’s excellence that it found its way to the number 3 slot. In the main this is because there is a lot of solid gaming here. The game has a great setting, engaging strategic play, thoughtful resource management plus a lot of fun tactical combat.

steel-league-best-android-rpg2. Legions of Steel

Turned-based strategy when done right provide players with enough challenge and means to implement smart and effective strategies and tactics. This is what Legions of Steel excels at.

The top down perspective gives you a clear view of the battleground with open-ended maps to traverse. Smart tactics plays a much more important role here as any enemy can spell disaster due to the title’s one shot kill philosophy. This doesn’t mean there’s no way to defend yourself, between explosives, raining bullet barrages & force shields, there are many options provided to help you gain the upper hand.

For players who can get past the difficulty, you will find a competent, if sparse, story told through some impressive artwork pieces that show us what would happen if we were the invading species in a galaxy of aggressive aliens.

Legions of Steel shows us that turned-based tactical strategy games lend themselves well to the mobile format. It also provides a thoroughly engaging experience, one that is definitely recommended to any and all fans of tactical strategy out there.

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teplar-battleforce-best-android-games1. Templar Battleforce

Set in a distant future, Templar Battleforce tells the tale of the Templar Knights, the sworn protectors of all humankind. The storyline follows their struggles to prevail against multiple alien threats in the far reaches of space. The story unfolds throughout the course of numerous missions. In your 1st mission you start off alone, but slowly recruit additional team members as you progress.

Battles are tactical turn-based (again this month, and we’re not complaining) using AP points for each movement and action used. Between each mission you will be provided with different upgrades you can apply to level up your team.

With its lengthy story mode, rich skill system and engaging missions it was a relatively easy call as to name Templar Battleforce the best of the Best Android Games of November 2015.

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