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by Brian Penny


The Best Android RPGs of 2013 – Q2

Hardcore Droid's Best RPG's of 2013

The Role-Playing Game is one of the most hardcore genres in video games. Players build up their skills and customize their characters by putting their noses to the grindstone and killing bad guy after bad guy. RPGs immerse players in fantasy worlds they’re encouraged to explore with story-driven gameplay. Porting this experience to Google’s mobile platform has been a hit or miss experience with many games simply being old iPhone or console games, but if the last five months are any measure of what 2013 will be like for Android RPGs, then it’s shaping up to be a banner year.

In 2013 we’ve seen some of the platform’s best RPGs. To help navigate the RPG highway, Hardcore Droid presents a list of the best Android RPGs of 2013:



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Ravensword: Shadowlands ($6.99 in Google Play Store)
HD Score – 4.5
Featuring some of the best 3D graphics on the Droid, Ravensword:Shadowlands has all the basics of open world RPG gameplay (level exploration, grinding for gold/experience, upgrade items, etc.) in a condensed mobile package. Think of it as Skyrim Light. You play as a soldier who survived a mysterious event that wiped out both sides of the battlefield. As the game progresses, you learn what happened and why you were spared. Ravensword: Shadowlands is one of the most expansive open-world RPGs available on the Android.
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Epic Pirates Story (99 Cents in Google Play Store)
HD Score – 4.0
If you ever wanted to be Jack Sparrow, Epic Pirates Story is the game for you. Choose your pirate’s gender, name the pirate and island home, and then set out on a swashbuckling adventure to build your following and seek revenge against the pirate king who captured your father. The gameplay is addictive and the writers did a great job of incorporating humor into the story into this Android RPG, earning it a spot on this Best of list. No man is an island but with Epic Pirates Story you can at least own one.
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Avernum: Escape from the Pit ($9.99 in Google Play Store)
HD Score – 4.0
Fans of old school pen-and-paper tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons will love Avernum: Escape from the Pit. With nine player classes and six upgradeable attributes (intelligence, dexterity, strength, endurance, charisma, and negotiation), you lead your party of four through a series of tunnels to explore an underground world. Avernum is easily the best tabletop RPG on the Android.
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10000000 ($1.99 in Google Play Store)
HD Score – 4.5
This Android RPG/Puzzle hybrid looks like a Commodore 64 game, but it’s surprisingly fun to play. 10000000 is more reminiscent of puzzle classics like Tetris Attack than a typical RPG, but it’s amazingly fun to play for fans of the genre. What makes the game so addictive is the good ol fashioned RPG staple of leveling up. The upgradeable skills and mission objectives give this game unparalleled replay value.
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Chaos Rings II ($15.99 in Google Play Store)
HD Score – 4.0
RPG royalty Square Enix created a rare dark RPG experience in Chaos Rings II. You play as Darwin, who is forced into a world of suspended time and space along with four other individuals. The only way to save the world from impending destruction is to sacrifice the others. Chaos Rings II features visually stunning hand-drawn art and all the standard RPG elements that made Square a legend in the video game industry and cemented their place as one of the best Android RPG developers.
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QuestLord ($1.99 in Google Play Store)
HD Score – 4.0
In QuestLord, you choose to play as a human, elf, or dwarf and set out to save the realm from destruction. The 8-bit graphics and accessible user interface make for a solid retro RPG experience on the Android. The graphics aren’t hi-tech, but they’re not meant to be. This game is a nod to retro with compelling gameplay, secret passages and monster-battling action. Gamers pining for the classic days of RPG gaming on the PC can add another star to QuestLord. Even if you’re from the new school, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more solid game.
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Dungelot (99 Cents in Google Play Store)
HD Score – 4.5
It’s easily the cutest game on this list but don’t let the simplicity and cartoony look of Dungelot fool you. This minimalist adventure is one of the few Droid games in which you’ll actually want to share your experiences with your friends. Thankfully, the social sharing aspects are easily accessible in this RPG. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, there are few games that can hold a candle to Dungelot.
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Final Fantasy Dimensions ($19.99 in Google Play Store)
HD Score – 4.5
The Final Fantasy series is arguably the best in RPG gaming. In fact, the series normally makes multiple appearances on every game reviewer’s top 100 All Time Best Video Games list. Dimensions reminds us what makes this series so great. Mixing the best elements from the first five Final Fantasy titles with an original story, this game will make you think you’re playing a game on a DS or Vita. Dimensions is another brilliant offering in the Final Fantasy series, an instant classic RPG, and a must have for every hardcore gamer’s Android collection.
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