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Hardcore Droid’s Best of Android 2012

Welcome to the Best of Android 2012.

Suffering from that peculiar brand of New Year’s induced angst born of equal parts fear, remorse and frustrated desires? Well, Hardcore Droid’s got you covered. Really, you’d be hard-pressed to find something for which we don’t have you covered: divorce settlements, lint-covered candy in your pocket, but I digress… Since our launch back in October, we’ve put together a slew of Android most hardcore lists, and in honor of the New Year we’ve strung together a host of new most hardcore lists any one of which is bound to help you fun-away the New Year heebee jeebees.

List-master, John Markley, who’s been hammering his keyboard like a mad man, has strung together a Most Hardcore Android Gadgets list and he’s freshened up Jon Igeilnik’s list of the Most Hardcore Android Phones and Tablets of 2012 and he also slapped together a Most Hardcore Android Accessories of 2012 and a Most Hardcore Android Gift List: Apps & Games, which because it was published somewhat belatedly, we’ve rebranded the Most Hardcore Holiday Hangover Gift List, since at this point you’re probably shopping for yourself, and more power to you, see heebee jeebees above.

Meanwhile, contributor, Travis Fahs has concocted a list of the best Android emulators that is, for an online magazine, epic in scope. Bear in mind, fair reader, that the emu world is a rich facet of Android gaming about which a lot of gamers are clueless. What’s more, if you take a good look at the playing field, you’ll find that no other mobile system does emulators like Android and Travis, after testing all the emus worth playing, has put together a really heavy best-of list that covers every conceivable Android emulator worth playing. I picked up Fishstix’s DosBox Turbo myself after reading his article and have been romping through the original Fallout gleefully blasting rodents in the nethers ever since. Lastly, we’re going to throw the Best Android Games of 2012 list up before the ball drops in NYC. Until then, Happy New Year and enjoy.


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