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Published on December 22nd, 2015 | by Kathryn Haro


The Last Vikings Review


Things get pretty old school with The Last Vikings, an old-school retro-inspired Android RPG where you play as the world’s remaining Vikings trying to rebuild the great Viking Empire. The Norse god Odin has taken mercy on these Vikings by giving them land to grow a new Viking society and a boat to travel on to find new lands to conquer.

The Last Vikings features unique and easy-to-learn gameplay. In order to create a new Viking Empire, you will need to create a strong army, build massive boats, recruit heroes, and forge powerful weapons. As you gain more recruits and resources you can watch your village grow, giving you an omniscient overview of your progress and accomplishments. Raising and watching the little Vikings grow stronger and rush into battle filled my gamer heart with pride.

Your own village is made up of several parts. At the ocean section, you can set sail to new lands, or visit the boat yard where you can upgrade your boats to hold more Vikings. In the camp you can watch a good chunk of your Vikings walk around and get pestered by a salesman. In the town you can manage, enhance, and upgrade your weapons and pick your main hero. Each hero has their own special ability, such as summoning Barry the Ghost Merchant Ship to fight with you at sea or increasing loot drops. Finally, there’s the Loot section which shows how vulnerable your gold and resources are to PVP raids. At level 6 players unlock PVP, where you fight the AI controlled teams of your friends in order to take their loot and protect your own.


Players are able to travel to other lands in order to find new villages to raid and conquer. While sailing players must utilize the Bar of Chance, an important and unique game mechanic. A slider appears on this bar which the player can stop at any time in order to speed up their ship or gain arrows, which you’ll need to shoot down projectiles that are being aimed at the ship. If enough damage is taken, you are sent to Valhalla, where Odin forces you to destroy a relic to have another chance at life. Relics function as check points for villages you have defeated, allowing you to automatically travel there instead of having to sail there from your village.

When reaching a new village, your Vikings need to destroy that village’s barricade to gain access inside. Destroying the barricade takes a few attempts, but each try will award you with loot. Upon successful destruction of the village’s defenses, your Vikings can launch a land battle, where they automatically fight that village’s warriors and boss. Before beginning the land battle, players can visit Siege Tower which consists of four sections: Barracks, Heroes, Strategists, and Training. Each section can upgrade your party in certain ways if you have enough resources. The Barracks adds to the Viking recruit capacity, while Heroes increases the hero limit. The Strategists makes it easier to fill the Bar of Chance, and Training permanently increases the party’s stats.


The Bar of Chance appears in between each sub-battle, which functions just like it does when sailing. There are various icons that the player can pick up to build their party’s base stats during combat. Players can increase their party’s speed, aim, power, defense, and add additional fighters. Vikings might be lost during battle, and if your entire party dies, you’ll find your heroes simply (and conveniently) returned to the main village. Battles aren’t particularly difficult since your Vikings do all the work. As long as your stats are decent enough, you will win. Even if your entire party dies, you do not have anything of value at stake.

The Last Vikings makes for a unique mobile gaming experience, and a good representation of what a decent Android RPG should offer. It is a great game to pick up for anyone who wants to feel something fresh. The game isn’t particularly difficult, making it ideal to casual players. However, those looking for a challenge won’t find it here.

The Last Vikings Review Kathryn Haro

Is it Hardcore?

Summary: A unique RPG with a Viking twist that features simple gameplay and no real difficulty.



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