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by Al Jackson


The Most Hardcore Android Gadgets of 2012


Superlative gifts for the Android fan.

The holidays can be stressful, especially when trying to figure out what to get for people as gifts. You never know what your sister’s kids do anymore and and it’s impossible to get something for your brother. To help with that, we here at Hardcore Droid just wanted to give you a quick run down of the gifts to get the Android user in your life.

Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves / $35

Starting off are the SmarTouch gloves from Isotoner. These are actually something I’ve been meaning to pick up, since thier capactive finger tip design is great for gaming while waiting outside for the train in the morning. They’re not just for tablets either, the gloves’ fingertips work with most touch screens, from ATM’s to Gas Pumps to your GPS.

The gloves come in eleven color combinations and a variety of sizes and designs from fleece lined ones to more athletic stretch ones.

Available on Amazon or at most department stores.

Logitech UE Mobile Boombox / $100

For those that aren’t aware of the 80’s the word Boombox might not mean anything to you, but for me, the UE Mobile Boombox is one of those things that always cycles around. Honestly, I wondered why it hadn’t already happened. Anyway, enough nostalgia, Logitech has greatly updated their portable speakers from last year, outfitting the UE with bluetooth, microphone, and a 10 hour rechargeable battery. Since their debut earlier this year, they’ve garnered critical acclaim earning PCMag’s Editor’s Choice and being named one of their product’s of the year. If you’ve got a music loving Android person in your life, this is a sure fire hit.

Available on Amazon or via Logitech’s Webstore

A151 Headphones / $60

I’m typically more of an over-the-ear headphones kind of guy, but I checked these out recently and was pretty impressed. The balanced armature drivers bring a clarity I’m not used to hearing from in-ear headphones and while the bass isn’t super powerful, the noise canceling makes up for it. Cnet was generally impressed, stating that the price point was great value for a balanced armature device. They come with five different ear buds and the soft braided cable style ensures both a long life and a comfortable listening experience.

Available on Amazon or via MEElectronics’ webstore

Arkon Mega Grip Flexible Windshield & Dash Mount /$12-18

While I don’t like having things mounted to my windshield—easily distracted as I am—as a tech person, I know that a goose neck is always preferable to a fixed armature. More articulation is typically better. So a dock on a goose neck seems like a great idea. The suction cup affixes to tile or wood just as easily as glass, so you could use it in the kitchen to display recipes or to hold your device at the gym.

Available on Amazon or via Arkon’s webstore


BioLogic Bike Mount for Android / $45

Where was this when I used a bike to get everywhere? I would have loved to have something this awesome. Sold as a means to hold your phone to use it as a GPS, I would have just enjoyed somewhere to put it that wasn’t my pocket. Anyway, the case is weather and shock proof and has a membrane front face that protects but still allows touch screen functionality and the mounting rotates for both portrait and landscape.

Available on Amazon

iSuper Helicopter / $60-$130

I’ve always found R/C Hellicopters fascinating and this Bluetooth controlled wonder was a treat to check out. Works with an app available on the play store for free. The small version works for a solid seven to ten minutes, while the large version can stay in the air for nearly thirty minutes.

Available on Shop Android..

LYNKtec TruGlide Stylus / $16-$35

Great as an upgrade from the stock Note stylus or for someone who wants to take notes or draw on their Tab or Transformer, the TruGlide Stylus is one of the smoothest writing tools for tablets. The stylus is big hit with pros and consumers alike, PCMag rated it four out of five and customer reviews on Amazon are glowing.

It uses a microfiber tip, instead of rubber, making it more durable and longer lasting. The pictured version is the tether option, but the stylus can also come with a pocket clip. For a little more, you can get the Duo version, which is also a ball point pen at the other end.

The TruGlide comes in four colors and can be purchased from LYNKtec’s webstore or from Amazon.

SanDisk Ultra SDHC UHS-I Memory Card / $6-$50

All of us are familiar with the crunch of running out of space on your device. For most tablets and phones though, filling the on board memory doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Sandisk makes a wide range of SD cards, from two all the way to thirty-two Gigabytes. They’re not as attention grabbing like some of the other things on this list, but I can say that if you can’t come up with anything at all, these are a safe go to.

Available on AmazonNewEgg, or BestBuy

DryCASE Waterproof Case / $24

This was super cool to checkout and would certainly be worth looking into if you or some other Android user in your life loves to go skiing, canoeing, fishing, or any other activity that involves water, but isn’t swimming. The ability to still plug in headphones while not losing the waterproof-ness of the case is a big plus.

Available on Amazon

Squishable Android / $19-$40

Rounding out the list is something from the folks over at Squishable. This plush of the Android mascot is incredibly soft and well, squishable. As either a couch decoration or maybe something to sit in your back window, this is a sure win with people who like cute things.

Both the large and small versions are available on Amazon.


Hardcore Swag/ 19.99 and up

We couldn’t leave you without plugging our T-Shirt store, Hardore Swag. With a host of cool T-Shirts, designed by Hardcore Droid artists Ajax and Suzanne Slattery and featuring characters from the world of Android gaming, Pulp-Fiction era weirdness as well a couple of concert-style Tees featuring imagery from Behold Studio’s excellent RPG, Knights of Pen and Paper, the T-shirts at Hardcore Swag are not to be missed and make the perfect gift for the hardcore Android gamer

Available at Hardcore Swag
Or if you just like to just check out the images, go here



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