Hardcore Cheat Sheets: Android Action Games

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Welcome to Hardcore Droid’s cheat sheets for actione games, where you will find our ever-growing list of cheats for those who are having a hard time getting their game on. If you’re having difficulty passing a level, beating a boss, or getting those elusive items, here are a few tips from the experts that can help make things a little easier and lot more enjoyable for you, the Cheater.

If want to forgo the list use search in up on the menu to find your game


Action Games

Alien Overkill

Since you can only hold one weapon at a time, rely on a combo of a rifle or shotgun with a flamethrower or RPG to maximize kills.


Alpha Wave

It’s essential that you get as many health pickups as you can because they become absolutely necessary  when you reach the harder levels. It’s worth taking the hits, then recovering them because the boost the health pickups give is more effective.


Angry Birds

The following steps will allow you to unlock all the “Worlds” without playing through the game… you naughty cheaters.


1) Load up Angry Birds and go to the ‘World Select’ screen.

2) Center a locked “World” on the screen.

3) Push the ‘Back’ button ALL the way out of Angry Birds.

4) Load Angry Birds back up and when the ‘Play’ button appears, tap it rapidly.

5) You should be locked on the worlds ‘Stage’ select screen.

6) You must now pass the first level of each world to unlock it.



Weapons and Experience

Always upgrade your weaponry between rounds whenever you can. You can get extra XP by replaying completed games. There’s nothing wrong with repeating history, just make sure that you actually do better, the last thing you want to do is waste time.


aTilt 3D Labyrinth

God Mode

First you go to the settings and adjust them according to your preferences, next, build on maps in Level 12 and you purposely lose 3 times, then the 4th time, win. Then in Level 13, God Mode will be activated.


Battle Bears Royale

Unlimited or Infinity Gas: 
Enter the code 19947032

Unlimited or Infinity Joules: 
Enter the code 19963027

Super Huggable Invincibility

This is only for the Pyramid map. First, you have to have “Mini Me” for Secondary and “Headlights” for Primary using the Huggable. Second, go the enemy pyramid and start climbing up. Go to the upper right hand corner and fall down 2 times. Then go towards the center and mini me in the corner. You will be in the staircase that is on top of the pyramid. Wait to grow back to normal size while still in the staircase. The staircase acts as it’s not there, so use headlights and it will go right through the staircase.

Huggable Factory

You need a Huggable character that knows “So Fly” to do this. On the Huggable Factory map, go to the right of the Red Base, where the platform meets the wall. Look up at where the boxes are. Use “So Fly” and fly up. Make sure no one sees you, you’ll be shot down and have to start all over again. Move a bit further back, but not too far, you’ll die.



Boulder Dash: The Collection


If you are careful you can avoid Fireflies and Butterflies as they follow set patrol paths which are hinted at by trails on the screen.


A good tactic to kill enemies from a safe distance is to boot boulders across the screen.



More Cash

If you take on solo missions on the harder difficulty levels you will earn more cash.


Captain Skyro


A straight shot at a hook-hold will usually leave you short so always check your angles carefully and aim high so you land safe.


Clouds and Sheep


Small puddle + rain = large puddle
Small puddle + light = grass


Press your stars to get 9999999999 stars. Water a flower for instantly growing. Let your sheep drink rainwater for free stars.


Doodle Jump

Easter Bunny Easter Egg

If you have the latest version of the game you can enter the case sensitive password ‘Bunny’ as your name and your doodle will appear in a bunny outfit.


Eternity Warrior 2

Strange Healing Point

Obviously healing points heal you. But they only work one time. It’s great since health potion only recover health by half. But if you don’t want the healing point goes waste, try to step on the healing point same time as your partner, if you’re in multiplayer mode; and wham! Both players get healed! Awesome little trick, make sure your partner doesn’t suck.


Fruit Ninja


Unlock Backgrounds

Yin Yang Background: 
Slice 75 Passion fruits.

Great Wave Background: 
Slice 150 Watermelons.

Fruit Ninja Background: 
Get a score of 125 in Classic Mode, and do not drop a fruit the entire time.

I Heart Sensei Background: 
Read 3 of Sensei’s Fruit Facts.

I Heart Sensei Background (Full Version): 
Read 3 of Sensei’s Fruit Facts that are about Strawberries.

Pixel Love Background (Full Version): 
Get 50 combos in Classic mode.

Mr. Sparkle Background (Full Version): 
Slice 3 pineapples in a row in Classic mode.


Unlock Blades

Bamboo Shoot Blade: 
Play a full game of Zen mode every day for 5 days.

Butterfly Knife Blade: 
Get a combo with a Strawberry 40 times.

Disco Blade: 
Slice 50 Bananas.

Flame Blade: 
Get a combo in Zen mode after the timer stops.

Ice Blade: 
Slice 20 Freeze Bananas in Arcade mode.

Mr. Sparkle Blade: 
Lose Classic mode with a score of 42.

Old Glory Blade: 
Lose Classic mode with a score of 50.

Party Time Blade: 
Slice nothing but the Strawberries in Arcade mode.

Piano Blade: 
Get 100 Critical Slices.

Pixel Love Blade: 
Follow Halfbrick Studios on Facebook or Twitter.

The Shadow Blade: 
Get a score of 175 in Zen mode while upside-down.



Combo Bonus

Your ‘Combo Bonus’ is measured on how much destruction you cause in a short space of time, the more destruction the higher the ‘Combo Bonus’.


GTA 3: 10th Anniversary Edition

PC to Android Cheat Codes

Although Rockstar state that this game does not support cheats it is possible access all the cheats built in from the PC version. This is done using a keyboard such as an Android tablet like the Asus Transformer Prime which has a detachable keyboard dock. On telephones hold down the ‘Menu’ bottom on the keyboard to pop up, then type the codes (case sensitive without the quotes) either in the ‘Pause’ menu or in-game. Note: this will not work on all phones and tablets.


100% Armor: 

100% Health: 

Better Vehicle Handling: 

Change Outfit: 

Clear Weather: 

Clock Moves Faster: 

Cloudy Weather: 

Crank Up Gore: 

Destroy ALL Cars: 

Flying Vehicle: 

Foggy Weather: 

Get ALL Weapons and ammo replenishment: 

Higher Wanted Level:

Insane Pedestrians: 

Invisible Cars: 

Lower Wanted Level: 

More Money: 

Pedestrians Attack: 

Pedestrians Fight One Another: 

Rainy Weather: 

Spawn Vehicles: 

Speed up Gameplay: 

Super-speedy Game Clock: 


Heist: The Score


If you’re struggling to hit someone from the cover you’re in, just look for a shadow of your character and touch it to jump into different cover.


Inertia: Escape Velocity


Before tackling a dangerous obstacle a good strategy is to always ‘bank’ a hoard of scrap at an earlier checkpoint. To activate a checkpoint just stand on it.


Parallel Kingdom: Age of Gathering

PC to Android Cheat Codes

Just before the Tutorial ends a monk will appear who will ask if you have a code to enter. Enter the case sensitive code ‘tkrwzp’ (without the quotes) to get 10,000 extra gold, 300 starting flags, and 500 extra food after the Tutorial ends.


Get 1000 Gold and 300 Food

When you are going to finish your “Kept Silent” tutorial. Is going to meet a monk. Click he above and chooses: “get the referral code “. Then you write “accokc”. And you will gain 1000 now and 300 Food.


PewPew 2


Power-ups, shields and level exits can be easily found by following the colored arrows on your ship.



Combo Score

Even though ammo will always fall from the sky, you can build up a good combo score by collecting fallen debris from ships and shooting it back.


Rick O’Shea


Unlock Mini-Games

Keep your eyes open for tokens, mini-games are unlocked when the appropriate token has been located in a level and collected.



Extra Protection

Get extra protection by starting each round by strengthening up your team and building a force field before assaulting the enemy.




Make sure you collect as many cogs from defeated enemies as you can. With this new fund of surplus of cogs you can upgrade your hover board and weapons, the better your inventory the easier it will be to complete levels later on.


Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II

Unlock Super Sonic as a Playable Character

When you complete each of the special stages and obtain all 7 Chaos Emeralds Super Sonic will become available as a playable character. You must collect 50 rings in a given stage, this is a throw back to the old school Sega Sonic games.


Spirit HD

Touchscreen Sensitivity

Go to the ‘Options’ menu and turn up the touchscreen sensitivity if you find your ship is lagging behind your finger swipes. This is helpful for the most difficult maneuvers.


Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles


If you need space to pick up more trash you can always sell items straight from your inventory. 


Super Mario Bros. 3


5 Lives Every 3 Levels

When you get to the end be sure to get to the P on the speed monitor then jump towards the box if done correctly you should get a star repeat this to get 5 ups every 3 levels. This is an old school method of doing things, so learn the rhythm and get used to taking your time, I know that it can be easy to just blaze through this, but trust this old fart gamer, those later Worlds are not for the faint of heart.

That Super Mario Bros. 3 tip was something that I had trouble with when I was a kid, so hopefully you have a responsive emulator installed, it takes some getting used to I can tell you that. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for using something that seems simple, just because someone else gets it, doesn’t mean that you will, after all, we all can’t be genius gamers.


Traffic Panic 3D

Clipping Traffic

Reduce the risk of a straggler behind by clipping traffic heading the other way by letting cars through in rows of two.


Tree Jumper

Springs and Trampolines

Look out for trampolines and springs as they will toss you a lot higher than regular platforms.


Whacksy Taxi

Pass Through Traffic

It’s possible to drive straight through traffic when a power-up has worn off and your car starts to flash. You must be careful though for when you become solid again.


Winds of Steel


Increase the chances of your bombs hitting the target by flying low to the ground when bombing. Flying low also allows you to see if your bombs hit the target as you will be able to see the explosion.


 Wings of Fury

Improve Aim

Flying slower will improve your aim significantly, the only problem with the though is there’s more of a chance that anti-aircraft guns will turn your plane into a flying sieve.



It is crucial that you have dead-eye accuracy in the harder difficulties as you only have a handful of explosive weapons available. Use the Easy difficulty to hone your skills.

If you haven’t seen the pattern yet, I mentioned it in another article, you should get well acquainted with manipulating the settings on your device, alter the time and the computer will think that it’s the next day when it’s really today. Stupid computers, they can only do what they’re told.


Save Ammo

If you are running low on ammo don’t waste it on the planes that don’t drop out zombies.






Don’t waste your money buying the cheaper guns as they are no better than your starting pistols. It’s better to instead save up your cash and buy the more expensive, powerful looking guns.


If that last one seems insulting, don’t be, these were gained through experience and failure, if you are failing, then that’s on you, if you use these cheats and still fail, then it’s still on you. Maybe you should just give up then?





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