Making Isssuu your BFF

ISSUU is a great way to collect zines, magazines and pdfs online and read them as easily as you would on any eReader publication. To maximize your experience with the ISSUU version of Most Hardcore, we thought we’d lay out some rough guidelines.

You can always just use the embedded app on our download page to read Most Hardcore. You could also however sign up for ISSUU here >>> Then download the ISSUU version of Most Hardcore onto your online ISSUU account, where it will be stored and you can go back and read it at your convenience. All by following these simple setps.

1. Got to ISSUU  >>>. Click on Create an Account and follow the online instruction to start an ISSUU account. If you have an account skip to the next step.

2.Go to your ISSUU page. From the menu on top click Create Stack. 

3.Create and name your stack.

4. Copy and paste the following URL into your broswer:

For future reference this URL also appears inside the embedded Issuu player on our download page, as well other such web pages that make use of the embedded Issuu player.

5.With Most Hardcore up on the screen, Click the Add to Stacks button at the bottom of the magazine viewer and now you have both a very cool Issuu player and Most Hardcore magazine at your disposal.

WARNING: Do no not use Issu’s mobile app. The app is still in beta; ie, still in development and it shows. The version of our magazine that was created by the Issuu mobile app, when we finally managed to figure out how to get our mag onto it, was as horrible looking as it was difficult to use. Rumor is it was developed by chimpanzees who had recently learned sign language. Yes, that’s right. Talking monkeys. Unlike the highly functional browser version, Issuu Mobile tries to  break down the PDF rather than create a SWF or other image file of it. A huge mistake as all of the visual benefits of PDF are utterly lost. We’d like to say get it when it moves out of beta but until they remake this baby from the ground up it will not be worth the effort.

*If you are looking to use Issuu on your tablet, phone or phablet. Just follow the steps above then access it via your mobile browser. This method works very nicely.

**iOs users: Right now Issuu uses Flash and Apple does not so Issu’s out for you folks. Drop me an email. Once I see there’s a need for it I will put together an iOs app ASAP.

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