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Verizon is building its own Android App Store… Again: Hardcore Droid News

Verizon's Double Dip

Verizon, seemingly ignoring that Vcast ever existed, has announced that it will be launching its own app store for Android.

Details are sparse at the moment, but reports suggest that Verizon wants to focus its app store around a model of tailored app recommendations, and gives developers and publishers the ability to advertise their games and apps on the new store.

Now here’s the kicker: Android Police reported Wednesday that the app store may not be exclusive to Verizon customers. Verizon is allegedly shopping the app store around to other carriers and OEMs to help get the platform off the ground. Verizon would also offer app developers access to “specific features” of carriers’ network, though those features have yet to be revealed.

And that’s not all – Verizon’s app store will also allegedly use location services and other data to suggest location-specific apps. Does that mean you’ll be barraged with expensive ads pushing apps that you don’t need or care about? That remains to be seen.

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