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Published on December 20th, 2017 | by Joel Schanke


Warriors of Glory Review

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Android RPGI never thought I would be writing a negative review, but it would appear that that day has come. Warriors of Glory, developed by Kick9 Co. Ltd., is an ARPG that has its roots placed in every other dungeon crawler. I (being a huge Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire nerd) noticed some parallels with the popular fantasy epic and this title. After completing a mission, I would hear the show’s theme song playing and think: “Hm…I know this from somewhere.” Then I made it to a mission where I fought a direwolf named Ghost. I mean, come on. If anyone reading is familiar with the series, they know that Ghost is a white direwolf bound to the popular character, Jon Snow. Two similarities—that not being all of them—are enough for me to realize that this game is trying to knock off George R.R. Martin’s superb tale in small, yet obvious, ways. This, to me, is what makes Warriors of Glory a faulty Android RPG.

Android RPG

The gameplay is straightforward in Warriors of Glory, but that doesn’t make it easy. At first, the game may seem pretty simple, but after reaching that previously mentioned boss, Ghost, you begin to realize how much farming is necessary in order to win. When I say farming, I’m talking about doing the same daily events over and over until you can level up certain aspects of your character to increase your power. If you have a lower power than what is recommended for the level, then it’s likely you won’t be able to complete said level. That made sense to me at first, but then the recommended power for each level started to increase at an alarming rate. I found myself farming to increase my power, yet that wasn’t enough. Nothing seemed to be enough. The game wasn’t even engaging enough for me to want to continue.

An RPG should have more than strong character building—which I will admit, Warriors of Glory does sort of have (my only issue with this part of the game is that you can’t see new equipment on your character. Lame.)—it should also have levels that are engaging and fun to play again, especially if you are required to farm from these levels. Each level is laid out like this: there’s a wave of minions once you start, you kill those minions, and you’re already at the boss fight. Boring! It’s easy to speed run through levels, but I feel as if an RPG, or an ARPG, shouldn’t be that dull when grinding. There needs to be a reason to come back and play a level other than the fact that you have to in order to level up your character. This, to me, is one of the reasons why Warriors of Glory can be labeled as a flawed Android RPG meant to be played and forgotten.

Android RPG

There are a lot of negative things about Warriors of Glory, yet it does provide some sort of entertainment for a short time. The combat system is fluid, complete with a variety of different abilities your character can obtain and use (depending if you’re an assassin, wizard, or barbarian). That’s a plus, for you can land some cool combos with those abilities. But that isn’t enough to make up for the slow and tedious leveling up process, the boring stages, and the obvious use of characters and music from a popular series to grab players’ attention. If this game was that good to begin with, then there would be no need to persuade people to play with details they had most likely encountered in Game of Thrones or A Song of Ice and Fire. I like original and creative ideas, not the kind of material that’s been recycled to boost its popularity.

Warriors of Glory Review Joel Schanke

Is It Hardcore?

Summary: Warriors of Glory lacks originality, fun, and anything else that would keep a player around. Instead, the game feels more like a Sunday night chore and less like a “game”.


Not really.

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