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Published on October 10th, 2012 | by Al Jackson


You Review It Action: Grand Theft Auto III

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3 Responses to You Review It Action: Grand Theft Auto III

  1. Travis Fahs says:

    When Grand Theft Auto III arrived on the PlayStation 2, it was a revelation for American console gamers, long accustomed to linear games and narrow level design that allowed for little experimentation. It gave birth to an explosion of a genre that had been utterly ignored by the masses prior and easily stands as one of the most influential games ever released.

    In today’s mobile gaming space, it still stands out. Our handheld games still mostly fall into neat, linear gameplay with frequent checkpoints and little room for error. As a port, it’s impressively faithful to the original, but this becomes its greatest shortcoming as well. It’s all too clear that the controls were not designed for the confines of a touchscreen, and a hilarious number of buttons clutter the screen and obscure the action. Ultimately, it’s still playable, but Rockstar might have been better served by a more liberal adaptation, or even an original entry in the series.

  2. ark says:

    while on console GTA3 was very succesfull and opened alot of peoples eyes on how games could be created standards of today different. Put simply it was made to be played useing a controler with various button layouts rather than haveing each choice clutter the screen as travis’s review suggests. though it is a decent game i feal it should have been adapted better over the years.
    All in all if you love playing the same old sand-box style game and spending countless hours running over or rather into everything you see. Then I would advise the traditional, rockstar’s GTA3. Even if you have to play it on a tablet.

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