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Green Force: Zombies provides a unique experience of FPS gaming and Zombies shooter without compromising on the subtle aspects of individual genres.

City is infected with deadly virus and people are turning into living dead causing mayhem. Government is trying to quarantine the infected areas, but failing completely. Those who survived the virus outbreak are at their own including the renowned professor Dr. Smith Kline. Who claims to have developed the drug to stop the outbreak and possibly cure the infected.

The Zombies are forced to live at the expense of non-infected and nothing but the flesh! It’s only a matter of time that there’s no survivor.

Green Force takes on the task to rescue the city and possibly save the world!


In his review of Green Force: Zombies, Hardcore Droid contributor James Christy gave the game a 1.5 out of 5, calling it “the type of game that makes [him] want to renounce gaming.” Was he just unfair? Did he miss something even more horrible about the game? Set the story straight in the space below with your own review of 300 words or less.

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