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Published on July 17th, 2013 | by James Christy


You Review It Action: Rage of the Gladiator

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Contributor, James Christy, is a blogger and lifelong gamer living in Philadelphia, PA. His other writings can be found at GadgeTell.com. When not writing about gadgets or Android games he spends his time reading about the Singularity, playing in a rock band, and writing a graphic novel.

4 Responses to You Review It Action: Rage of the Gladiator

  1. aepstein824 says:

    Rage of the Gladiator: Capitalism Turns Bosses into Trash Mobs
    Gracius promises quality action against epic bosses. While the art and music certainly deliver, oversimplified mechanics ruled by fremium schemes drain away most of the fun.
    In this game, Gracius stands face to face with a powerful boss from mythology, who attempts to crush, maim, burn, or even seduce him. The player tries to evade these attacks, and then strike while he, she, or it recovers.
    Unfortunately, while the bosses have a diverse set of magic and weapons and limbs to throw at the player, there are only three ways to dodge. In addition, a boss will block any attack that isn’t a counter, so combat follows a rigid structure of wait, dodge, attack. There is still a bit of satisfaction from last minute dodges and well timed counter attacks, but the game falls short of challenging.
    Each boss is voice acted and well animated, leading to rather impressive cut scenes for a free mobile game. The bosses feel like characters, with stories and personalities and flaws, like the first enemy who is drunkenly helpless until his diety buffs him up.
    Fighting boss after well designed boss sounds too good to be true, and in this game, it is. The game forces the player to play each boss several times. More offensively, this repetition is used as Rage of the Gladiator’s money making mechanic. Each iteration of the boss fight gives it greater stats, for which the player needs better gear. Without spending real money, progression requires insane grinding. In addition, the combat’s rigid structure means that no amount of player skill can speed up the progression: only higher damage gear can quicken the fight.
    Since it’s free, Rage of the Gladiator may be worth picking up now and then for its artistic accomplishments, but it’s not a hardcore game.

  2. Al Jackson says:

    Nice work, Aepstein824, you make a number of incisive and salient points.

    Al Jackson

  3. aepstein824 says:

    Thank you!

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