You Review It: Lego Hero Factory Invasion From Below

From the Play Store:

“‘Hero Factory this is Evo, I’m bailing out of the Turret Machine. My attackers seem to be coming out of the ground. Hero Factory — we’re gonna need something bigger than me. We need Battle Machines!’

Dispatch with the Alpha team and jump into the deep end with one of nine awesome Battle Machines to defeat the ‘Invasion from Below’.

– Defeat five gigantic beasts and their jumper swarms through nine city busting levels
– Experience the story with action packed video content
– Complete epic missions to upgrade over 45 levels of abilities and special moves
– Build your Battle Machine and Power Up in a unique double scale environment
– Pick your fight and match up in Battle Mode with 75 badges to collect and complete

We are Hero Factory, protecting the galaxy from any and all threats. Join the team now!

Hero Factory ‘Invasion from Below’ includes a monetised currency system where all purchases can be achieved through game play alone. Buying ‘Hero Points’ will allow you to unlock your favourite Battle Machines or spend them on abilities to get a head start. Purchasables range from £0.69 for 100 ‘Hero Points’ to £3.99 for 1000 ‘Hero Points.'”

In her review, contributor Amanda Lynn gave Lego Hero Factory Invasion From Below a score of one-half star out of five for its boring, blatantly freemium gameplay. Too harsh, or not harsh enough? Give us your thoughts in 300 words or less.

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