Published on October 13th, 2012 | by Al Jackson


You Review It RPG: Legends of Yore

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from Google Play:

Legends of Yore, a casual rogue-like designed for mobile platforms. Choose your character and adventure through the dungeons, gaining levels and experience to eventually become a hero.

We figured we’d throw an RPG indie at you kill two birds with one stone and mix a metaphor while we were at it.


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3 Responses to You Review It RPG: Legends of Yore

  1. caleb says:

    Let’s see… Legends of Yore. If you’re in to kickin’ ass but with not–so–modern graphics and not a huge selection of weapons, then Legends of Yore is the game for you. Legends of Yore has a lot of enemies and an equal amount of levels, but the killing is so simple. Besides from that, it’s very addictive for gamers who like games where you kill someone fast and then move on. To me, it doesn’t seem like a real RPG game because of the lack of missions. To me, it seems more like an action plat former because you don’t have that much inventory

  2. Kanzer69 says:

    Went in not expecting much from this game. Low polygon graphics and what looked like an overly simplified game. But then I started to play it. And I am happy to say that I am wrong. While yes the graphics and game play are simple. The game is a TON of fun. Kind of reminded me of the games I played as a kid. Sorry, but I am odd school and remember when games such as D&D pool of radiance was considered the best there was. Or even a the original zelda. The game has that kind of feel to it. Great casual play if you have a few minutes free and need some relaxation from the stress of real life. Definitely worth the buy.

  3. LucasJ says:

    Legends of Yore: an epic game

    Legends of Yore is a really cool game. You should play it. Well it’s really cool because it’s a fast role-playing game. It’s also cool because you can explore and you can always find a monster your level or higher. There’s a couple of things that might bother you, like the graphics are a little weird or maybe you might not like it because it’s insanely hard. But look on the bright side, the game is really epic. There’s a lot of games I really like but this one blows me away. It’s a really good game.

    Lucas Jackson 9 years old

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