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◆Rebirth of a legend

Rebirth of Fortune 2, is the 4th story of the Fortune Chronicle Episode and the official sequel to the 2009 release of SRPG Rebirth of Fortune.

Newly revived with a more extensive volume, cool improved graphics, and utterly more unstoppable fun than the original.

As the story continues from Rebirth of Fortune, Sorcerer of Fortune, Defense of Fortune, experience a highly interesting storyline, full of Fortune world’s Magic and Ether.


◆Game Features

1. 25 classes of combat units capable of getting into battle formation and over 35 classes of various enemy monsters.

2. A more strategic and enjoyable battle system.

3. The biggest. Over a thousand stages of vast volumes and stories.

4. More beautiful and appealing. The ultimate 2D graphics.

◆Game Rules

1. The basic battles of SRPG(Simulation Role Playing Game) is similar to the rules of chess. Players take turns selecting a single unit to move and attack the enemy.

2. After taking turns, the first player to annihilate its opponent is the winner.

3. Each unit has a variety of skills and abilities. These skills can be used by using up Ether which is collected during the game. Since more powerful skills consume more Ether, it has to be used strategically at a critical moment.

4. With the war funds obtained from battles, units can be upgraded. When units are upgraded, a new skill is unlocked or a profession from a higher ranking class can be used.

In his review, Hardcore Droid contributor Will McCool rated Rebirth of Fortune 2 a solid 3.0. Was he right or is this game simply a boring, story-less grind? Tell us what you think in 300 words or less.


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You Review It RPG: Rebirth of Fortune 2 Will McCool


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