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If you want to write a You Review It review for practice, to vent or just for the fun of it, head back here and enjoy.

If you’re interested in writing for Hardcore Droid check out our opportunities page. If you’ve never been published and you think you’d like to give games journalism a try, you might try your hand at writing a You Review It review or two.

The reason we started You Review It has a lot to do with our humble beginnings. When we were in the earliest stages of development we put out an ad looking for writers, stating that:

“Likely candidates need not have experience writing video game reviews but must possess sharp, proficient writing skills.”

And though the site’s theme is specialized (hardcore Android games only), we received over two hundred replies. From that lot two non-professional writers became regular contributors to Hardcore Droid, Joe Matar and John Markley, and we couldn’t be happier with their work.

Now as then we want to create a web space where writers can hone their skills and learn something about writing, and so it occurred to us that we could expand upon our hiring tact and maybe find some bona fide talent among our site’s readership.

Once we’ve accumulated a decent number of reviews we will create a Most Hardcore User Review article on a spotlighted page in the ‘You Review It’ section of our site, and will frill it up with boss graphics and whatever other good stuff we can muster. From the Most Hardcore User Reviews we will as the occasion arises ask particularly proficient user reviewers to write for us.

Write You Review It reviews for us and if you’re good enough we will publish you in a professional venue.

That’s only if you’re into that kind of thing. By all means write them for the fun of it. 

You Review It reviews won’t be held to rigid strictures and any criticism of user reviewers work will be of a constructive nature, but if you are adept at writing reviews and you’d like to give it a try,  you can become a contributor at Hardcore Droid. We’ll publish your work, post your headshot and bio on our contributor’s page and we will pay you the same fee we presently pay all or writers (We pay only a small honorarium at present because we are just starting out; compensation however will increase considerably as the site grows).

Some advice if you’re serious: Read game reviews, a lot of them. You might even go so far as diagramming on paper or in the back of your brain where things go, what’s left in and what’s left out, and applying all of the above to the demands of specific genres. Even better, read the Video Game Style Guide and Reference Manual, found here. The manual, written by veteran journalist’s, David Thomas, Kyle Orland and Scott Steinberg, is the closest thing there is to an industry standard. If you are an aspiring video game journalist you would do well to read it.

Still, even better read our own Hardcore Guidelines found here.

Also, spare time to critique your fellow user reviewers, and we will do our best to comment on your writing as frequently as time allows. So, give it a whirl. Click on one of the articles below or head over to our You Review It  page found here or under Features on the menu above to see them all. Keep it clean and under three hundred words. Best of luck to you.


Al Jackson
Hardcore Droid


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