You Review It Strategy: Anthill

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A gorgeous strategy game with an award-winning interface, Anthill is based on the real-world behaviour of ants. By drawing pheromone trails, you direct your ground forces to different destinations, working with streams of units rather than individuals.

Your mission is to protect the hill as wave upon wave of enemy bugs are thrown at you with tower defence gameplay. Slay a bug carry out air raids upgrade your troops with four types of ants to deploy: workers, soldiers, spitters and drones.e


In his review of Anthill, Hardcore Droid contributor, Saul Berenbaum gave the game a 3.5 out of 5, writing that while Anthill has a sometimes prohibitive difficulty curve, the game overall is a solid made-for-mobile strategy game with a unique premise and impressive visuals. Was he to kind? Or too damn mean? Tell us what you think on 300 words or less.


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