Best Android Strategy No.14

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Rebuild is a city-building/management/strategy game from Sarah Northway. You create your buildings to develop a town, attract new residents with different skills and personalities, research new technologies, assigned residents to different jobs, and defend your growing settlement from attack. Except character skills include things like scavenging, and you don’t build a new building so much as reclaim and repair abandoned ones, sometimes those attacks involve hordes of walking corpses, because Rebuild take place in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. It’s quite detailed, with an impressive number of character traits, buildings, and technologies to take advantage of. There are other survivor factions you can negotiate, trade, or fight with, with their own personalities and agendas. You make various policy decisions for your community, many of them very different from your average city building game, such as how much precious water can be used on n luxuries like showers. There are also lots of random events to deal with, from fires to bandits demanding tribute to weddings. And, of course, there are zombie attacks to deal with. It’s quite cool, and it’s still being updated with new content. It’s also nice to have a game that takes the now well-worn trope of the zombie apocalypse and does something different from the norm with it.


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