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Published on May 23rd, 2020 | by Macy Pingree


Best Mobile Games of the Month – May 2020

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Best Mobile Games of May

It’s been over two months since we quarantined, making this month’s top five best mobile games extra special. I am sure that hundreds of more hours of gameplay have been logged this month than those preceding it. While the fast-approaching summer brings hope that we may see the end of this soon,  don’t let those feelings take away from our precious gaming time. Take the best mobile games of May and download them onto your devices and into your hearts.


5). My Zombie Wife

Help! Your wife has been turned into a Zombie. This is no dream. It is your new reality as you enter into the world of My Zombie Wife. In this side-scroller RPG your home base is your laboratory. Here you have machines that are constantly producing pills and gold. These are necessary to trade and buy other materials with, which you’ll need to create vaccines for your wife. Control your character with three buttons. There are two to move and one to smash. The other mechanics can be a little difficult to manage, but I have faith that you’ll push through for the sake of your wife.

My Zombie Wife not only has fun gameplay, but it resonates deeply with many people because it is centered on two primal needs: the need to science and the need to smash. No one else has found a vaccine so it is up to you to turn your wife back into a human. You better hurry too, before she eats those brains of yours. Not only will you be unable to think up a new vaccine, you’ll be dead. Does this ignite feelings of fear and anxiety deep in your soul?  Do not fret, you can take out your emotions on your surroundings. Smash everything in your path. This will allow you to obtain key supplies necessary for vaccine experiments and you will be able to get out that anxious energy.

Now go. You have smashing and science-ing to do.


4.) Summer Catchers

Aaa-Chu! That winter cold got you down? You’re not alone. Meet Chu, a young girl been stuck in her winter wonderland for so long it has become her own personal hell, one that has literally frozen over. It is time she escapes. Join Chu on her voyage in Noodlecake Studio’s side-scrolling runner adventure mobile game, Summer Catchers.

Summer Catchers utilizes simple controls to aid Chu as she sleds through magical landscapes. However, these controls can be tricky to handle. As a result, the real-time actions force the player to execute near-perfect control, making failure unavoidable. But do not despair. With awe-inspiring graphics and music you will easily be sucked into Chu’s life, determined to help her (and you) see what summer will truly bring.


3.) Kingdom Two Crowns

Raw Fury presents an engaging and intricate 2D strategy game; Kingdom Two Crowns gives you the opportunity to live out your childhood dream of becoming a monarch. With only your crown and loyal horse companion, you set out to build up your kingdom. The game developers waste no time and thrust you straight into the gameplay. The lack of handholding has been described as freeing and frustrating. So, it is up to you, and only you, to figure it out. Well… that’s not entirely true.

For instance, if (more likely when) you fail and you lose your crown, you relinquish the throne to your child. Consequently you are now playing as the child, having to clean up the mess of your predecessor and rebuild the kingdom. Beware, because danger comes nightly when the sun sets. Make sure you hunker down in your kingdom or you will be prey for people itching to steal your crown and your kingdom. In addition you and your people have to survive through each season of the year, the most formidable being the winter. Even so, if you can’t hack it alone, there is an option to split the screen and play with a friend in a co-op feature. Overall, with easy controls and beautiful graphics Kingdom Two Crowns is worth the investment.


2.) Rebel Cops

In this spin-off of This is the Police, Weappy Studio releases a new turn-based strategy game, Rebel Cops. In this mobile game your city is being overrun with criminals and the high tensions have turned into an all-out territory war. With just the right amount of tackiness and melodrama, take on missions to hunt down and defeat criminals in direct combat. However, it is important that you prioritize taking these criminals alive. The townspeople won’t be fond if the police turn into the very thing they are trying to destroy.

There is minimal customizability available when it comes to playable character. Nevertheless, don’t let that stop you from entering into this great storyline. Enhanced with noir-like music and graphics, you are sure to obtain hours of enjoyable gameplay.


1.) Legends of Runeterra

The hottest and most hardcore game of the month is Legends of Runeterra. This turn-based card collection game continues the legacy of Riot Games’ League of Legends. Loyal fans and newcomers alike can find immense enjoyment by diving into this mobile game. Expect a high learning curve as you master the various aspects of gameplay, but the intricacies that make the gameplay difficult to get the hang of are necessary to be able to provide such an engaging and challenging experience. Legends of Runeterra is free to download and has no ads (you do have the ability to buy items from the shop) which allows a smooth, relaxing, uninterrupted flow as you challenge opponents and build up your decks.

This is a high-quality game in every sense. In other words, the graphics are impressive, the music sets the mood, and gameplay tests your mind and skillset. Legend of Runeterra is the perfect game for every occasion. So, why don’t you take it for a spin?

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