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Published on April 13th, 2020 | by Gordon Kender


Best Mobile Games to Play on Lockdown

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Best Mobile Games to Play During Quarantine

Ready or not, lockdown is here. Whether you’re finding yourself more productive than ever or struggling to wake up before 5 p.m., you’re undoubtedly playing video games at some point. No need to deny it. You’re either fighting to forge a balance between your responsibilities or you’re simply giving in to your desires, letting them steer. Some introverts are tackling single-player RPGs that take hours to complete. Even extroverts are logging on, clogging servers and providing easy kills in competitive lobbies in everything from card games to shooters.

We all game differently, whether solo or with friends and strangers. Some use multiplayer to fill the void of face-to-face interaction. Others opt to dump another 20 hours into that JRPG they’ve been neglecting. For that reason, we’re bringing you a split list containing the best single and multiplayer games to play during quarantine.


Remember this title? A frontrunner of the battle royale genre, PUBG is just as fresh today as the day its beta launched. It receives updates on a semi-regular basis and, in a growing field of mobile shooters, retains a respectable player base (which means quick queue times). Play either with on-screen touch controls or by plugging in your own devices. While PC and console cross-play is not an option, Android and iOS devices can play with each other, making this the perfect game to play with your friends while you isolate apart from each other.

COD Mobile

If battle royales aren’t down your alley, COD Mobile presents a tried and true experience to scratch your multiplayer FPS itch. With more standard modes like free-for-all and deathmatch, COD provides a quick, twitchy experience complete with quick rounds and immediately gratifying gameplay. As with most shooters, light RPG elements are included, allowing you to vary your loadout and equip rare skins. Even in a market saturated with FPS’s, COD stands out as one of the most consistent and polished experiences.

F1 Mobile

A staple in the racing genre, F1 Mobile provides some of the most fast-paced, realistic racing on console or mobile platforms. Just make sure you’ve charged your phone long enough to experience the beautiful graphics at 60 fps, you’ll thank yourself later. Play local time trials or online multiplayer. Despite the quick intensity of races in this game, there’s something relaxing about sitting back in your bed, nestled safely within both your covers and the cockpit of the most powerful Formula 1 cars on the planet.

Asphalt 9

If urban racing is more your speed, look no further than the stylish, commercial-car mayhem of Asphalt 9. Like a game in the Need for Speed series, Gameloft Mobile’s only racer allows you to collect, customize and race a wide array of expensive sports cars. Adopting more modern mobile MMO elements, Asphalt 9 allows players to create Clubs with other players. Acting in a guild of sorts, you can team up with your friends to complete challenges, race other Clubs and outfit the most expensive garage.

XCOM Enemy Within

If you’re truly looking to lose yourself in a game, check out XCOM Enemy Within. This RTS, like many in the genre, will suck you in for hours. And that’s good, as you’ll need ample time to fine-tune your strategies, timing and overall knowledge of the game. The title features a revamped story mode with new missions as well as the tried-and-true multiplayer experience. Each game, like each opponent, is different—you’ll have to stay on your toes and adapt to win. Check XCOM out if you’re into challenging yourself against a single-player experience designed for thinkers.

Baldur’s Gate EE and Baldur’s Gate EE 2

Talk about hardcore—Baldur’s Gate is the granddaddy of old-school RPGs. Updated from its 1998 version, the title comes with a multitude of quality of life improvements including new locations to visit and new monsters to kill. The 60-hour title is a must-play for anyone interested in dipping their feet in the RPG genre, especially those curious about Dungeons and Dragons. And honestly, as a package offering two timeless games, Baldur’s Gate EE is the perfect title for those nostalgic for RPGs of the past or someone looking for a deep and engaging single-player RPG.

Banner Saga

This list wouldn’t be complete without not one but two of mobile’s best tactical role-playing series: Banner Saga. This legendary Norse-inspired adventure will challenge even the most experienced turn-based gamers. With countless changes to make the game more fit for mobile (including a revamp of the text as well as a seamless integration of touch controls), the Android and iOS ports of Banner Saga are essentially definitive editions. There’s something about mobile strategy games that just feels so right and comfortable. So plan wisely and prepare for many long nights out in the dry, icy tundra.

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