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Epic Race 3D Review

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Abysmal Gaming Experience

android-EpicRace3D-01Oh, where do we even begin. Good Job Games’ latest title Epic Race 3D is an awful game that provides an underwhelming gaming experience. The maps look terrible and there is no in-game audio. The game seems to be a project in which the devs chose to leave in-between development and release half-baked just for the hell of it.

Epic Race 3D is based on the idea of a Ninja Warrior Course. Each round pits you against multiple opponents with the objective of completing the course in first place, which you must do in order to progress further. There are various obstacles such as salmon ladder, propeller bar and the iconic warped wall that you need to survive to win.

Watching people compete in actual obstacle course tournaments is thrilling. The task of capturing that same energy and excitement virtually is itself a challenging one. Unfortunately, the only thing that is epic about this title, is it failure to capture even a sliver of the excitement of a real Ninja Warrior Course.

Pointless Objectives

Epic Race 3D provides an unrewarding gaming experience because the game does everything for you. Tapping the screen is the only game mechanic. As long as you tap your screen the character moves forward. And that’s it. All the other movements such as jumping and climbing are automatically done by the game.

The opponents pose no challenge to you either. It is incredibly hard to lose a round as the AI tries everything in its power to let you win. Even if the opponent has a half a course lead, they will randomly stop before the end and wait for you overtake them to win the round. Yes, there will be times when the AI will defeat you, but the effort it will take to lose will be significantly more than what it takes to win.

Awful Interface

android-EpicRace3D-02Epic Race 3D’s graphics are sub-par. All maps are designed using primary colors that, along with the simplistic graphics leave the game aesthetically unappealing. The only resemblance the maps have to an actual Ninja Warrior Course are the obstacles. Audio should be an essential part of a Ninja Warrior game. Incorporating the sounds of various obstacles or the roar of the crowd would make the game a bit more immersive. Currently, Epic Race’s lack of audio complements its awful map designs making the overall experience an all-around mess.

The title’s only saving grace is its dynamic camera angles. As you jump across various barriers the camera adapts its angles accordingly. For example, while running the camera is placed directly behind your character, providing a front-facing view, but it will pan upwards to give a top-down view when you need to pass through certain obstacles. However, the camera changes are far from smooth. There is a one-second delay between the angle change in which the game stops at which point you have no control over your character whatsoever.

Winning the race is Epic Race’s only objective, and as winning is guaranteed, playing the game is pointless. The absence of in-game audio in concert with horrific graphics removes any possibility of anything resembling an immersive gaming experience. Epic Race 3D is a thoroughly underwhelming game which needs tremendous work on all fronts to remotely resemble the excitement of an actual Ninja Warrior obstacle course.

Is it Hardcore?

Not at all.

Epic Race 3D is a half-hearted attempt towards creating a video game. With horrible graphics and no in-game audio, it provides an utterly unrewarding gaming experience. Epic Race 3D fails miserably on all fronts to capture the essence and excitement of completing an obstacle course.


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