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Published on January 25th, 2020 | by Jack Brassell


Forgotton Anne Review

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All the World Forgot

ThroughLine Games’ Forgotten Anne, a puzzle platformer which debuted on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2018 has finally made its way to Android. Forgotton Anne takes place in a whimsical dystopia known as The Forgotten Lands, where everything forgotten by the human world ends up.  Upon reaching The Forgotten Lands inanimate objects gain sentience. That’s right, every sock you’ve ever lost is living its best life in The Forgotten Lands. You play as Anne, who works as an enforcer for Master Bonku, the only other human in The Forgotten Lands. The pair has been working on creating an ether bridge which will allow them to return to the human realm. The game begins when Anne awakens to the sound of explosions. Rebels have attacked in an attempt to stop Master Bonku and Anne from returning to the human realm causing a power outage. Anne decides to hunt down the rebels and put a stop to the rebellion. The Forgotten Lands are a miserable yet mystical place. Many of the forgotlings yearn to return to the human world, while others resent Master Bonku for seizing power. Though many of them are working against you, you’ll likely find yourself charmed by the quirky forgotling characters, such as Inspector Magnum, a pistol who is dedicated to his job, and Dilly, a rebel sweater.  ForgottonAnne_01

To Distill Or Not To Distill?

From the very beginning Forgotton Anne hits you with difficult choices. Unlike many games, Forgotton Anne doesn’t warn the player when a decision will have a lasting impact. This adds a level of reality to a rather surreal game. As an enforcer Anne has the ability to distill Forgotlings, turning them into anima, which is used to power the Forgotten Lands. Early in the game, you will have the option to distill a Forgotling, in this case Dilly the unruly sweater, who Anne suspects of being a rebel. However, the game does not make it clear that there is any other option until you have distilled poor Dilly. Dilly shakes with fear as he is distilled which was so effective that I seriously questioned my decision. 

The narrative in Forgotton Anne tells a deeper story. It is both a cautionary tale, warning the player against blindly following the status quo and it’s a lesson in letting go. Distilling a forgotling is a merciless move and it is often unclear whether it is the right decision. You will need Anima to progress in the story though it is possible to acquire anima without distilling a forgotling.  Anne herself is a bit of an enigma. Her personality seems vague as if ThroughLine Games was more focused on the plot than the protagonist. Starting out, it’s difficult to tell if Anne is the hero or the villain. At times the rebels come off as more sympathetic than the player character, especially when they cower before Anne as she decides whether or not to distill them. ForgottonAnne_02

Puzzle Platformer

While controlling Anne’s movement is fairly intuitive, the jump controls are touchy and take time to get used to. Jumping a split second too soon often means you won’t make the jump. This is infuriating at times. Luckily, Forgotten Anne’s intriguing storyline  makes up for it. Early in the game, Anne will retrieve a set of wings which when active allow her to jump across farther distances. It’s stunning to watch Anne’s wings flutter as she glides through the air and adds a fun dynamic to the game. The puzzle elements of the game are easy enough and often involve fixing power outages. The player can store an energy unit in a device called the arca to use at a later time.  The game is free to download, but shortly the game prompts you to buy the full version.  The full game costs $9.99. Considering the unique concept and the depth of the story, it is well worth the price. 

While an interactive story at its heart, Forgotton Anne offers engaging platformer action. The jump controls are fickle but overall, easy to master. ThroughLine Games manages to balance gameplay with a compelling story set in a unique dystopian fantasyland. Forgotton Anne is a masterpiece, offering a deeply compelling story that makes the player question their actions not only in game but in life. ForgottonAnne_03


Is It Hardcore?


Forgotton Anne offers a deep story set in an immersive dystopian land. With puzzles, platforming action, and tough choices, Forgotton Anne is a must-play game.


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