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Published on May 14th, 2020 | by Gordon Kender


Legends of Runeterra Continues Riot Game’s Legacy

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Runeterra is Here, and Everyone is Playing

Legends of Runeterra, undoubtedly one of the biggest names in mobile gaming, recently released on Google Play. The game’s open beta launched at the end of January, leaving ample time for summoners to both theory craft and play active roles in forging Runeterra’s meta.

Perhaps one of the more complex card games on the market, Runeterra forgoes the idle and action elements that are so commonly tacked on to card-based games. Instead, Riot approaches the title similar to a traditional card battling game like Magic the Gathering.

Fans of hardcore strategy games, both online and on tabletops, should give this game a fair try. Runeterra balances strong Champion cards with resources to keep them in check like mana while offering a whole host of other card types to supplement and synergize with your strategy.

And if you already know this, you should know that Legends of Runeterra tournaments are well underway. On May 14, Twitch Rivals will host a $100,000 tournament featuring 16 top players. With content like this, right out of the gate, it seems likely the spinoff title may garner a strong fanbase. Perhaps even one that rivals similar games like Hearthstone.


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